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  1. wont that eat out the color and turn them white?
  2. See the thing is that i don't have painting clothes like you, cause i bomb all day every day no matter where i go no matter how!.Alright little bitches?So if you don't wanna contribute to the thread get the fuck out.:lol:
  3. Share any tips if you know how to get the paint out of your clothes.
  4. Im thinking about starting an all country soon catching a train and droping in cities at 12am and leaving first train in the morning.Start with all the key visible places first and then make way through hoods with time
  5. same here man,but when im out with a group of people that are not close friends and i see a spot i usually dont bomb or i give them some steps ahead of me and then do a fast tag cause i dont want some bitches acting like they know shit about what i do or what is about after
  6. one day i decieded that this is my way and thats my shit and i like all of it and i will do it no matter what cause im this guy,i never actually admired any one
  7. Take martial arts classes, bomb all,if they pass by great, if someone trys to interfere you beat him.At least im working on it now
  8. mix your own ;) check out the ink threads
  9. have you seen any one to write DRAH?
  10. can you tell me what brand should be good and cheap like the acrylic in the can, and what time does it take to dry out?And have you tried it?
  11. I'm from Sofia Bulgaria
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH where do you get this shit
  13. So i drained a can of FLAME into a jar and it seems that it still has some propellent in it cause it freezes all the shit that i pour it in :D. Also i poured all of the paint from the can which is 400 ml and it actually filled a 80% of a GROG "full metal paint" containment bottle?I dont know why the fuck that happend i guess i lost some while spraying it out although i dont know how. Right now the bottle and the joystick squeezer i filled are fucking cold as shit and are pressurized :D but it actually writes pretty nice,cause of the pressure you dont have to squeeze at all and it still drips a normal drip only that the paint needs more time to dry. Ill see over time if the paint and propellent will eat through the plastic or even blow up cause its pretty tight...
  14. stance180


    Do we use and consume for our own happiness and desire to have? Or is it are matter of happiness used by the distributors and thus keeping us at their will in the end?Ending up in a circle driven by the distributor and not by us.Are we the users or the used?Does taking your happiness these days mean taking a road to self exploitation?
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