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  1. haven't heard shit about this.
  2. that sucks son.... email me later about when your coming to sf.
  3. top ramen and some apple juice. thank god payday is today.
  4. i dont even know why i pay for cable...... nothing is ever on.
  5. Walter: The man is a sex offender. With a record. Spent six months in Chino for exposing himself to an eight-year-old. Dude: Huh. Walter: When he moved down to Venice he had to go door-to-door to tell everyone he's a pederast. Donny: What's a pederast, Walter? Walter: Shut the fuck up, Donny. check the link http://thugbot.net/features/lebowski/
  6. what i have in the night stand..... everyday carry... a simple benchmade.
  7. it wasn't a 9mm it was a 40 cal.
  8. even though that cop didn't really look like he knew what he was doing alot of police that carry glocks are switching from them because of alot of Negligent Discharges. i read some newspaper that said the fbi had about 10 cases like that for last year alone but they're weren't in a class room full of kids. it was in the field or during trainings.
  9. high heels and tats on women with curves.
  10. my usp40 compact is gonna be my daily carry once i finalize this private security stuff. nothing like being paid to pack heat. man i feel old now.... used to be a hooligan and now i've gone straight. its sad what adulthood does to a person.
  11. vinyl... if you just want a pistol to goof around with get a hi-point firearm. i wouldn't trust my life with it but they're new in the box for less than $200. they kinda look space age but its cheap and to be honest i dont know anybody who owns one or would want one.
  12. yo vinyl junkie........ your in california. every pistol sold in this state comes with a case and a pistol lock with every new gun. all the gun companies need to provide them to sell their guns in our state. its some law california passed a while ago. also you need a california safety certificate in order to buy a handgun. they're $25 and needs to be renewed every 4 or 5 years i think. once you get the certificate and a phone bill under you name you should be good to go. if you need any help PM me.
  13. well.... its 5:06pm and i'm still at work. i cant wait to drink a beer.
  14. assult rifles are banned in california. unless you sneak one in and risk getting a shit load of felonies.
  15. i've owned a few weapons. the one i liked the most was a hk usp compact in a 40 caliber. i owned a sig 228 which i think is the best 9mm ever made but i sold it. i dont like 9mm too much since its not all that big of a caliber. forget about glocks... that striker trigger system is crappy and i hated my glock with a passion. they're great guns but i like double action/single action firearms so i'm a little biased. if you want a .45 auto get the usp compact in that caliber. its nicely compact and its not as snappy as the .40cal . . i'm done dorking out but those are my suggestions. i vote for this.
  16. i suggest minneapolis. its a fun city and its freezing there right now.
  17. my armspits are sweaty today hesh... and i'm wearing a new white t-shirt. any suggestions for the sweat stains?
  18. i could work from home if i wanted too but the company wont tell me how to forward the lines. maybe they know i would run the company at home in my underware if i had the chance.


    professional midget tosser....
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