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  1. i just got back from vegas. i think thats exactly whatdafuck needs right now. it worked for me it can work for him. i got $20 on it once i get stuff out of the pawn shop.... it was a long weekend.
  2. getting to work late would have been the best thing i did today...
  3. well my day started good but let me list what has happened since this morning... - one of our drivers had a heart attack while on the job. - we lost 2 clients in less than 5 minutes. - i have 10 packages that aren't going to be dropped today. - haven't had lunch - i'm going to fire a driver. - drinking heavily at work doesn't make the day any easier - there is talk about why are office is still open when we make the company no money at all. so basically my day fucking sucks. i cant wait to start binged drinking.
  4. yo hesh.... the boys out here are ready to regulate. just give me a days notice so i dont have to beat up anyone hung over.
  5. my buddy just jumps straight into the shower...... he said its a bitch to clean the shower after.
  6. -beer -beer -beer -beer -beer -some of that funny stuff...... -watching king of the hill. (i'm telling you peg, the boy ain't right......)
  7. all i want is a yamaha fzr 600. something simple and fast will work for me.
  8. i need to get my act together and buy a motorcycle. i've been putting it off for 3 years now.
  9. stab him in the neck. i'll loan you a sharpened down toothbrush handle.
  10. friday - get rid of hang over - watch some movies - sleep saturday - gun show - lunch - relaxing sunday - visit mom - survive visit with mom - lunch with mom - pull my hair out
  11. i'm so hung over i dont understand the thread.
  12. http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseactio...=20050120142047 Andre Nickatina- nuff said


    i haven't played in years. seriously years..... but i want to start again. let the nerd in me come out for a while.
  14. damn, that woman must have hated life for a little while until the baby was out.
  15. gambling in the air, i wonder if they will have problems with different gambling laws around the world????
  16. mr.abc edits english papers in his free time
  17. internet beef, i'll never get it.
  18. i have 3 elements, does that count?
  19. i cut myself unloading the dishwasher myself
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