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Everything posted by FIST2CUFFS

  1. wasted 20 seconds of my life when i could have wasted them in another thread. thanks fist2cuffs.
  2. at least tomorrow at work i'll be entertained.
  3. looks a little old to play around with that stuff
  4. yeah it seems there are alot of "bonuses"..... muahahahhahaahaa
  5. never believe a weather man....
  6. this morning i woke up on time but just didn't want to get out of bed. so i was late opening the office again.
  7. giving tree- should i give up my desk job and become a rent-a-cop for $17.00 starting? i would be sitting in an armored car all day.
  8. i guess you haven't been reading star magazine lately then.....
  9. i didn't party enough but my body sure had enough
  10. def leppard- pour some sugar on me. i'm listening to horrible 80's music
  11. i almost had kidney failure last year and pissing, shitting, and puking blood was my daily routine for a month. i'm a walking health problem even though that was because i was partying too much.
  12. where the hell is my sandwich!!??!?!?!! (inside joke). mr.abc i'll tell her tonight once i escape from the office.
  13. he should eat a burrito. that does it for me all the time.
  14. try having an ulser.. shit sucks. yo hesh i'm gonna call you tonight. i forgot you called on new years.
  15. its all about the raider nation
  16. even when i lived with my parents years ago, i had nothing nice. once i started living on my own i started coming up. i guessed it worked out backwards for me.
  17. pirates make special appearances? only if i knew that before new years.
  18. i spent too much money on drinking and dumb random stuff when i was single.
  19. the only thing cool around our computer desk is the cat litter box and i'm way too lazy to move it.

    the club

    clubs suck ass........
  21. the stuff that has comes from the dirty south is pretty good in my book.
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