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  1. WhAt_dA_fUcK

    i admit

    i admit i would fuck kelly osbourne just to say i did!
  2. where nyc?....probably next week time frame yea feels good to be back to the states, back to beer, back to 12oz, back to my life...
  3. umm right now im still in the states...i will be going on deployment in june...but fortunately for me its not iraq i will be spending it in italy,spain, greece mainly countries of the mediterranian region...which ultimately means alot of drinkin / partying will commence..i dont have to go back to that fucking country for the rest of my life... im going to new york city for fleet week...which means ill be doing parades and stuff like that
  4. thanx man but id break my bank to get everyone drunk.... cuz when i drink i spend alot of money,,,,
  5. whats up everyone im sorry i havent been on lately...i just got my internet and computer..majority of the people probably will not recognize me but her i am and on a side note i will be going to new york city for 12 days so if anyone wants to party and shit give me a hollar!...and hook me up with some females too!...i had to ask....
  6. thanks everyone...i was kinda drunk so i apologize for just writing whatever on here.....but it was still the truth but i prob wouldnt have said anything if i wasnt drunk.....yea fuck that b....its kinda funny cuz all her friends wanna hook up with me and they just sold her out.....like 4 of em wanna hook up....which is cool.... and all my friends are telling me to just fuck her and leave one last time........but im not type of guy to do that.....i dunno just never been an asshole......maybe its time to start bein one...that is all
  7. in fallujah.....we were the unit in the middle taking over the city of fallujah....1st bn 8 marines
  8. that i would want to go back......everything is alot more simple out there......out there i dont have to worry about bitches and shit....like my ex...the one i actually cared about....the one who cheated on me while i was in iraq....yea that one....shes over here fuckin with my head...and for me it feels like i just broke up with her the day i came home, im not used to having these feelings and shit....fuck i hate this fucking place....im ready to go back....and people have the fucking nerve to ask me how many people ive killed....people i dont know at a personal level...its used as a fuckin i
  9. my dad used to always tell me "only a real man can hit a woman...."
  10. okay this is how you make corona red...... buy a 12 pack of corona buy some limes buy some grenadine (cherry flavor) open a bottle of corona add a slice of lime in the bottle....then add enough grenadine that its red...and drink....it also adds flavor to the beer.... now how the people in iraq were.... they are one of the most two faced people i have ever meet...during the initial fight of the city of fallujah we were offering humanitarian aid to civilians and 7 out of 10 of those civilians asking for food tested positive for gun powder residue....they always as
  11. the reason why they are so clean because most of them are not the boots they were wearing........ the military gives all the personel effects to the family....
  12. thats me...the shit on the floor is white phospherous...so no touchy..... some buddies shooting a smaw and an m16 with an acog lets just say that we didnt have to worry about anyone snipin' out of that building anymore.... right when we got back from inside the city we saw this sunset.... our setup for christmas..... when santa claus(our chaplain) came to greet us.... a fallujah sunset.... this plane was at the air port in kuwait for our flight home...
  13. i stayed in iraq for about 7 months....yes you can buy your own camera, and yes you can go to the internet everyday and use the phone everyday when ever you want as long as you are not required to do any work.......and in regards to the other question as to how many people i have killed....i dont know but im pretty sure thats not something you ask....its something you accept as the possibility of ability to do so nothing more.....which means id rather not talk about it.
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