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  1. This is my once a year appearance to 12oz so enjoy it now or on Saturday fuckers.
  2. i was hearing good things about this movie.
  3. i know of a few girls from high school that ended up that way. one girl was even busted doing speed after she had her kid.
  4. -plain white t-shirt -new levi's 505 dark denim -stained wife beater -brand new air force ones grey/navy blue - a smoke behind my ear for the break. also i dont think vegas can handle us again or at least our bank account.
  5. i just finished some of my security classes yesterday. i'm about finished to become a guard but at least its an armed guard. i get to hang around on an armored car with shit loads of money. also if you're an armed guard alot of jobs start at $16.00 compared to $8.00 to be in lost prevention.
  6. friday - swear at all the people i work with - drink jack daniels - swear a little more about my job - eat a good dinner saturday - wake up late - open a beer - go out with the crew - fight somebody random - go bowling and get drunk sunday - drink hugh cup of coffee - take headache pills - look up some info on school and a new job. bonus -buy new jeans -play video games until my head falls off
  7. man.... 8onus has been holding it down. as for religion we all have our beliefs. we choose our faith and nobody should ever judge that. i was raised a catholic and even though i dont go to church and everything i still consider myself religious in my own way. i couldn't believe some of the shit you guys were saying about the pope. its down right disrespectful to some people here.... if you admit it or not. some of you could be too cool for school and keep ragging on him for the hell of it but its fucking rude to a few people. how would some of you feel if a few people started ragging on something that was close to you. you would probably throw a fucking fit and how do you think we feel. like i said before i'm not very religious but i am in my own way and i was raised catholic so its what i believe in. you can agree or disagree with me but either way most of you in this thread can kiss my white hairy ass.
  8. this thread is fucking useless.
  9. #14 my ass. did they check all the illegals with this survey?
  10. go to the "massage parlor" and get a happy ending. only way to fix things.
  11. i've been shot a once while in the mission district and been around the corner from a shit load of homocides. i dont live in a great area as you can tell.
  12. we all have our favorite "teams" if we let people know it or not. this should kill alot of time at work this morning though.
  13. you're too serious... relax a little.
  14. mine came in a really nice one and it sits under the bed now. gun isn't even in it.
  15. i only posted to this thread because it wasn't closed
  16. it was good but not the greatest comedy.
  17. gun cases are pretty much alright looking. if you want something really nice buy a new one. most gun cases get abused from being shipped.
  18. spring is dope until i cant stop sneezing. its like spring hit my nose with a bat. other than that........ fo shizzle my nizzle.
  19. this proves that we need more money towards schools if he spells "curcle" that way. i hope that girl picked branden just because of this letter.
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