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  1. keep em comming! Look out for Ese's projects.. be on a look out! he up to something! ya heard! Cop that.
  2. whos next to the ese..got slashed nice and good!
  3. please and thank you. can you send me a picture of what you took of fme infront of my bike. I regret not documenting the prosces. :mad: looks like you had fun! And whats up with the phones..i saw that earlier! What you think did that to them! I assumed crack heads triing to steal money..who knows. get buisy.
  4. just payed off my credit card. its not as bad as alot of people think. Its like gramps triing to figure out the VCR to some. I love the convenience. just make the minimum payments!
  5. what the fuck chilli dog!!?
  6. its hard to keep details when you get that small!!!
  7. http://www.psy.cmu.edu/~kidblount/kb.gif'> Hey its ese! http://www.psy.cmu.edu/~kidblount/kb.gif'>
  8. Nice work! Good documentation of the action too!:king:
  9. Hot post! Som epeople cant comunicate through outher means. That ope character! Hot!
  10. tim eto scroll back up and enjoy..once again!
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