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damn vandle

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  1. damn vandle

    Krushing Steel.

    I would like to go over some of those panels..
  2. damn vandle

    Upstate Freights Part III.

    the quiet yankee!!
  3. damn vandle

    1980 HEIST 2005 rest in peace!!!

    rip heist.. so much fucking style!!! cool to see all those cars done for him... :innocent:
  4. damn vandle


    Holy shit unpredictable a new year brings new VCU freshmen who are almost as crazy and down to bomb the fan and Oregon Hill as the VCU freshmen who were almost as crazy and down to bomb the fan and Oregon Hill as the VCU freshmen the year before that! Quoted post dont sleep on the museum district son? fools be kingin that shit. you know who you are. i tried to step to them but they served me. Quoted post [/b] yea thats right dunny, you got served cuz ya ass is soft as a cream puff. wait till i catch you and your crew, it'll be a all out handstyle war till the def yo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. damn vandle

    My dick hang long like elvis sideburns

    goner caze
  6. damn vandle

    I did it like this, I did it like that!

    damn man, you killed it with this one!! my homie globe going real big!!! UB!!!!!!!
  7. damn vandle


    blobe and buck, IG's!!!
  8. damn vandle


    my homies goner and radio!!!
  9. damn vandle

    Stop the dogs from barking

    damn man that looked like a pretty good day!!! rip riot
  10. damn vandle

    sunflower benching 2

    those rail grinders are cool as shit to watch!!!
  11. damn vandle

    rip riot

    DAMN... always enjoyed seeing his streaks. RIP :(
  12. damn vandle

    schwag blunts

    old geas!!
  13. damn vandle

    Best Beer

    cat tale ale pumkinhead (shipyard)
  14. damn vandle

    From Virginia...

    damn, that sigh is crazy!!!!
  15. damn vandle

    Been Dazed and Confused For So Long

    damn bro... nice post, lovin them streaks!!!!