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  1. Your moms an elegant Sans!
  2. bigguy

    Word up, yo!

    Throw all your old shit away...get new stuff.... or just leave it all at your old place. Otherwise... Keep al lthem boxes labelled up...practice your handstyle.. Keep kitchen shit with kitchen shit washroom shit with washroom shit...makes it easier to unpack. Put all the boxes where they need to go..so you labelled it kitchen?..don't just toss every thing in a pile in your living room...actually put the damb thing in the kitchen..it'll make things that much easier... I never unpack all my shit on the same day... i take it slow and only take the nescessaties out at first.. an what Deterrent says.. Nothin's better then a new crib to kick off your shoes at!
  3. The only gay marriage is between a man and a woman!
  4. That River is a nice one.
  5. photobucket limit exceeded
  6. Meow. Icy cold medina Ektos. an to bitches that don't sign. :mexican:
  7. if your paying for a phone at a promo price so really any thing under $400 then most likelly your getting your self into a contract.... Do you use an oline browser on your phone? to check your mail or messenger? That cranks up your minutes too..not too mention the fact they charge you for every MB you download and time your online... :king: http://wirelessimports.com/ProductCatalog.asp
  8. King an Super, Hot! Getting the stamp, not!
  9. Tecks Causr Engine. Hot! GVRD.
  10. The Pro = Super fresh!!
  11. Crew and a few. :mexican:
  12. I hate back packer hip hop. fucking rapping with big words and science is wak.
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