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  1. some of these panels will make nice backgrounds.... Quoted post [/b] thats my first thought...save some paint on a fill..... Garbage.
  2. some times i wonder why people wake up?
  3. bigguy

    BA Crew

    don't sleep on Ephx!
  4. Heat Myth Spel Much swek Cant Fuck with!
  5. i say the new dance craze is in argentina..called the bandaloop...
  6. hot post Beastah! :hatred:
  7. Whats up sis! Lil Ese hit up the bigguy. Sweet deal.. Ima suprised no one mentioned photoshop..hahahah Good work!
  8. quallity over quantity, anyday!!
  9. who'd want a girl that was into you cuz you did graff any ways? but id say yes if your looking to score a dumb 16 year old.
  10. what? you all can't make friends outside of the computer?
  11. nice post... Damb door though. Intel, Rambo. what the hell happened to this forum? Its all different! hahaha
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