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frate busta

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  1. frate busta

    a kilo is a thousand grams

    oh cheah good fucking post everyone from canada
  2. frate busta

    Self-satire-filled Special

    dogs benching
  3. frate busta

    Kiss my Buns.

    causr ronie engine trik bump for canada
  4. frate busta

    Ohio Valley

    :hatred: bringing the heat meero the black ass that nice yellow boxcar oh and im loving your shout outs holler
  5. frate busta

    Krushing Steel.

    weak shit, all of those pieces sucked .... ill remember to never include any of you fucks in any of my posts
  6. frate busta

    Can't touch these cards.

    defect cards... always making it worth getting on the computer. keep holding it down
  7. frate busta


    one last one have a good new years everyone, dont let me fucking down on my long boring break without a few solid posts. One hundred
  8. frate busta


  9. frate busta


  10. frate busta


    americas most blunted..
  11. frate busta


    merry christmas everyone, the post is small but its my way of saying thanks for all of the great posts over the last year! enjoy more
  12. frate busta

    Why does train painting not flourish In the U.S

    its not to be said that cleans dont get done, the intimidation factor is there for a lot of less established writers as the likely hood of catching a running panel is near impossible, the interest isnt there for the 95 % of the poppulation... Thus leaving a select few who eat sleep and breath metal who hit them Now this is where you're misunderstanding, in the city im from our system gets hit all the time, not only out of towners but our writers as well, the simple fact is that these writers aren't putting the pictures up on the internet left right and center, of that 5% of writeres left you could say that the likely hood of self promotion is non existent..... Thus creating a misunderstanding of the actual amount done, Your concepts are not the first time ive heard of the fact that your security is through the roof. Not so long ago we had a European visitor who was laughing at our train security... There you have it I hope that you've got the idea now
  13. frate busta

    artillery heavy like a bunch of fat chicks...

    fresh to def.... awesome post lots of pictures from lots of places
  14. frate busta

    Snap Ya Fingers...

    my canadians dyme wisdm revise mazer engine causr the spoter and tre too rip heist
  15. frate busta

    tejas...sa benching...

    that JERMS hot damn