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  1. where can i buy fat caps out here in phila? Quoted post [/b] Either Online or I think there's a spot on south that sells em. Not sure where tho.
  2. geist

    Toys post here...

    It's from George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelics
  3. Man...I just....don't...fucking...get it. The only one I like at all is the chair picture. You can say that the others "evoke images of dispare" or "show the artist's inner struggle for blah blah blah" but it's all...jesus. None of it makes sense and regardless of how you, the artist or anyone else explains stuff like this it's still a bunch of random lines and shapes and colors. Honestly that looks like a rough draft or a sketch or some crap. Sorry but stuff like this is why I dispise the "art world" - abstract artists speaking of meaning and this and that :burn:
  4. geist


    2 of mine: ^just an exercise in looking at another drawing and trying to re-create it.
  5. geist

    Toys post here...

    Maybe the letters can be more portioned but its just too wavey. Other tha n the bites ID be proud of this piece.... still hella biting though.. thats cool... ill remain a toy myself until I can just do my own thing. Quoted post [/b] Biting from who? I did this liiiiiiiiiiiike.....3 months ago I think? Just haven't been able to post it up since.
  6. Yo man, SIIIIIICK stickers right there. Reminds me I need to get my flicks up from the summer (the few I got) and get back to doin some stickers.
  7. Was goin over the stuff I've missed - sick stuff there Nose, good to see you're still gettin ups.
  8. geist

    Toys post here...

    I know the bottom of the E is fucked up but other than that, something I did for a girl I was with at the time. help is appriciated
  9. Been months since I've been on 12oz but figgured I'd pop on and put up a few things I did for the place I worked: Flyer to attract more business Newsletter inside (I'll have to post up the cover-page later) Poster for an art show - did it months ago Some great stuff in this thread tho, I'll be back with a few other ones that weren't uploaded.
  10. HAHAHA Dude, you know how many of the originals listened to metal along with hip hop? Shit man, that's an ignorant as fuck comment :haha:
  11. mmmmmm.....nope nope nope..... we want everyone to know how retarded you are. Penalty: battery acid enema :shook: Quoted post [/b] HAHAHHAHAH!!!! Nice one :haha: :haha:
  12. geist

    Toys post here...

    I'll post up my notes from art class about 3 years ago that we had on an assignment regarding 3d and creating perspective. Or I'll quickly sketch it out again.
  13. Your stuff is sick man :huh2:
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