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  1. 3 floyds Rye'd Da Lightning had this on tap last night even with a huge beer menu this was all I drank
  2. went to a show last night negative approach was awesome
  3. thanks chupa. its ilford delta 100 pro
  4. i was talking about a case of 12 a little over $1 a beer is great for me. my average is $3 a beer. I tend to love 4 packs regrettably
  5. on the cheap tip i'm loving cases of sierra nevada ruthless rye ipa for the price of a case of ipa its definitely worth it if you are on a budget which I find myself on time to time
  6. fuck... my 10 year old has a tumor on his butthole most likely due to testosterone surgery scheduled in 2 months. the shit that sucks is I said to my girl hey ol boy is getting to his golden years and its time to start saving for vet bills. boom i see a lump. the bright side is that statistic wise its non fatal. wish me luck
  7. since we are on the topic of sad things related to animals Fukushima Japan animals still left behind http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/world/2011/04/13/ac.japan.quake.dogs.cnn The part about the Japanese keeping their animals in the shelter are just not true. There may be a few here and there but the majority do not allow animals and the rescued pets that were traced back to their owners could not care for them. So in some cruel twist of fate they sit in these cages forever in limbo since the shelter does not euthanize. overall sad situation there for people and animals
  8. a part of a mito city bar guide I scanned only the hitachino portion
  9. hopefully you can read this if not I recommend the pdf which is higher quality http://www.mediafire.com/?sct88xcs15pzs3t whole hitachino pamphlet 300 dpi
  10. akita-inu the color is considered "torake" which means tiger striped shes a little over 3 months and still whines a lot to get her way i also have a male 4 months who is a lot more docile surprisingly to say i have my hands full at the moment is an understatement
  11. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! won my first dog show last weekend - puppy level
  12. the architecture of the 200 year old building was beautiful I chatted with the translator that does all their english promotion they are trying to expand to hong kong. she was suprised when i told her that hitachino is actually pretty popular with micro brew loving americans. I would highly recommend their sake which is actually much better than their beer but only has a following with older japanese folk. but they dont really distribute that much outside of japan. i have a pamphlet that I will upload into a pdf format if anyone is interested.
  13. started with the white ale then the weizen which I liked the best pale ale amber ale stout
  14. I just returned from Kiuchi brewery. Give me a chance and I'll post some pics They had trouble with the earthquake and recently set up a newer brewery to help with distribution growing pains. They have tested their beer for radiation and its fine. All of Japan is covered with radiation buts its in my humble opinion that its not something to be too concerned with. The radiation type is a very low level type and at this point its anyone's guess what the real long term effects are. J govt is not known for publishing its findings in any environmental catastrophe. for more info on the brewery check http://www.kodawari.cc/?en_home.html
  15. lol grabbed from an interview with the producer TVLINE | Some fans were grumbling about how there were long stretches this season without any major Walker sequences. Were you just saving your zombie budget for the finale? It really comes down to storytelling. If you listen to music at maximum volume at all times, it eventually becomes quiet to you; you get used to it. We do stories where there aren’t a lot of zombies so that when there are a lot of zombies it’s that much more jarring and terrifying. If we had five zombies in every episode that did five cool things, it would eventually become white noise. So we have to bring it out, show it to you, get you terrified and then pull it away and watch the characters react to what they’ve just gone through… Lull the audience into a false sense of security. There’s obviously a budget — I mean, it’s TV. But the season is structured in a way that we know what’s coming and we know when to show our cards and when to hold our cards. It’s all part of an overall plan. bullshit- they basically buttfucked us all season with horrible attempts at drama and then finally unloaded a good episode. I just can't get over how horrible of an actress Rick's wife is. Her look of disappoint after he tells her Shane is dead is priceless. didn't look any different the whole season.
  16. ^ the latest trailer connects the dots
  17. sorry to hear about that i tend to think about george carlin in shitty times like this and it makes me feel a little better.
  18. i knew a guy that said he got hookers all the time so i asked him how much are you paying for sex? he was like oh they refuse to screw me i pay them $200-300 on hand jobs i was floored. you know you could have done that yourself right?
  19. how do you guys feel about the brew dog collaborations? I went whole foods holy fuck $16 for 1 normal sized beer? I think not. Are they good? I'm sure they are but that's where I draw the line.
  20. negative approach and murphy's law coming in april. looking forward to it. murphy's law shows are usually so much fun.
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