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  1. so I went to georgia last week terrapin phlux capacitor - eww like rubbing alcohol with no beer flavor terrapin hopsecutioner - much better than the phlux, lots of hops but missing some ending notes. i was expecting a little more from this beer sweetwater 420 - it was alright not great sweetwater low ryder - better than the 420 but again nothing to right home about. i was a bit disappointed
  2. those last set of watermelons aint no joke some tranzor z shit right there
  3. wtf? anal butt beads and butt pimples?
  4. thanks for your compliments greatly appreciated. doodle it looks like i went to india but really its a suburb outside of chicago I think i remember a few chicago people posted some pics in here http://www.swaminarayan.org/globalnetwork/america/chicago.htm
  5. i like dogfish head - im just tired of seeing all these beers with fruit as the main ingredient hint of apricot added to beers is fine with me, just dont give me fanta beer
  6. ^that was disgusting gave that to my girl and she wouldn't even drink it. strawberry fanta i'm getting tired of all their new fruit beers
  7. thanks for the compliments, greatly appreciated.
  8. crap I copied the large rather than the medium links- sorry little too big
  9. thanks Mercer. what I find interesting is the one you like I thought might have been a dud
  10. yeah i'm definitely going to see prometheus in the theater
  11. looks like an uncircumcised penix with an arrow through it
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