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  1. all the crap you wrote boils down to that I'm too optimistic about china's chances of taking over the #1 spot. you really didnt need to write all that. i hope that they don't. I just see a spark in them that has been lost in the younger generations of japanese and i think america is a country of fat retards with the minority of intelligent people trying to hold it together. who would vote for anyone that wears "magic underwear" ? almost half of the voting population while making minimum wage. hoping its the next lottery ticket for them and their family into a life of wealth. the only spark in our ass is when the SUV's run out of gas we can no longer live a life of privilege.
  2. i regret to say i really do not like delirium noel i used to but not this year same goes for founders backwoods bastard i think my tastes are changing
  3. fuck this midseason break shit
  4. moonrise kingdom i love this movie. best described as cute. similar style to the life aquatic so the first 15 minutes are difficult to adjust to but once it gets going its addicting. boy and girl fall in love and decide to run away together to "go on adventures" trail of blood fearless avenger slaughter in the snow a samurai trilogy where the main character goes from being a criminal to normal life but when his wife is raped and killed he seeks revenge on the gang leaders 1 and 2 are definitely the best 3 really doesnt have anything to do with the whole revenge story but in itself is still good the raven this was watchable. murder mystery based on poe stories suzuki seijun Tattooed life yakuza finishes a contract kill and his own gang tries to have him killed so him and his brother try to flee to a normal life. good if you like yakuza movies spider a man that goes insane slowly recalls his childhood that brought on his madness a bit weird at first but once you get where the present day and the flashback meet it gets pretty good
  5. chicago has had an explosion of breweries Revolution being the best of them. http://revbrew.com/
  6. i agree rec and rec 2 are much better than the US versions. I just saw rec 3 however.... avoid at all costs. The trailer looked awesome basically there is an outbreak at a wedding reception. there was nothing awesome about the movie though. complete waste of time.
  7. yeah i really want a hasselblad xpan for the panoramas
  8. ive had all the 3 floyds except the dark lord i may need to make a trip next year to the brewery
  9. andrea is the new lori for christ sakes. michone is awesome. great character. definitely my favorite series so far. that phone conversation went on a bit too long though. draggin on the bs
  10. while we were wasting money and people's lives in afghanistan china was investing in mining rare minerals out of it. all of which power the electronic gadgets we mess with daily. They currently have a monopoly on the market and can decide how much product they want to release and at what price. while dem and rep fight about obama spending too much money and using the failure of one green business building solar panels to rub in his face they miss the point that we arent investing enough in the market to remain competitive. china spent some ridiculous # of money on investing in alternative energy as soon as obama announced his initiative. who wants/can buy a solar panel at say 100k for your whole house when you could buy chinese for 10k. and i dont see why we cant compare china vs the us since we are in a heated race for #1. sure china has alot of weaknesses that we may not need to worry. about them now. we are dependent on each other for success. but down the line china will eventually want revenge on Japan and I dont see that desire ever going away. with them owning almost something like 40% of our bonds we are pretty much screwed if they can become independent of our markets
  11. i agree representative democracy is a problem since in reality the pitch to the people i really for the benefit of the corporations that are making big bucks. not to say the democrats are my knight in shining armor i just can't understand the poor people in the red states blindly supporting republicans as if its some lottery ticket to the millionaire's club. if you make under $250k a year as the vast majority of us do why support a party that is only interested in making money for themselves? pay your fair share like the rest of us chumps. while we fight each other trying to block every idea that comes to the table countries like china that dont have debate, invest in the future. things that we should be doing. instead of hedging bets on things to improve the country we let corporations make money on the present. with little to regard to the effect of our future country, generation or environment. i'm not some sort of dooms day nut but i can see us losing first place working the factories, making shit for the chinese. revolution. i'm all down for that but as americans we're stupid fat lazy. it would be a fart of a revolution. nothing more. with no other better ideas on the table we're stuck with what we have. slaves to the system.
  12. aww thats so cute. daryl and his brother are gonna take turns i bet. strap a dildo on his stump or a pocket pet when he gets lonely
  13. i don't think she is dead nor do i think she is worth looking for.
  14. ok cool- a few of the imperial founders have so much molasses they tend to make my stomach churn i also don't really drink anything with sugar in it (coffee, tea etc) so i do have a pretty low tolerance for sweet.
  15. he wrote it and it was not terrible in any way
  16. thanks i was just a bit confused when i saw the 3 graves already buried with tombstones
  17. hmm i want to try. was it really sweet?
  18. so did carol really die? or did i miss that? i thought tdog saved her?
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20261408 obama to make trip to burma
  20. netflix instant just plain sucks for real 99% of the bullshit they have on there averages around 1-2 stars for me documentaries and old horror movies are about it every so often i get a new release i actually want to watch but its rare
  21. really so they are going against the comic and popular opinion that she should be dead i would definitely be disappointed
  22. what is that last place? looks kinda weird to be abandoned
  23. lori is definitely dead. andrea is just irritating the fuck out me. and hershel became dale but yes good show thus far. definitely happier with this one than with this seasons dexter
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