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  1. hmm i have seen the iceman interviews which were interesting but not that well put together, could be promising jack reacher was terrible but I wasn't surprised
  2. Looper not awesome by any means but when i saw the preview i was like 'whatever' i didn't have anything special in my netflix cue so I added it. its something to watch enjoy. so not an A+ movie more like a C+ just something not terrible thats worth a watch. the master I really like Joaquin Phoenix and if any of you have alcoholics in your family he fucking nails the role. nothing much really happens in this so don't be looking for adventure or anything. just a story from point a to b nothing more. I enjoyed it. argo edge of your seat type movie good movie the awakening interesting ghost story in an orphanage type of flick hell almost a german version of the road, good apocalypse style movie lake of fire abortion documentary. did a great job of showing both sides of the issue which i could agree with both. as well as the side issue of the abortion doctor killers. the demon japanese guys has a mistress with a couple of kids, the mistress is tired of taking care of the kids so she drops them off at his house where is wife is not to happy to be taking care of them. one by one they try to get "rid" of the kids. under the flag of the rising sun war widow tries to clear her husband's name as he has been labelled a war criminal. she interviews his army buddies one by one to hear parts of the story some true some false. interesting way of telling the story the thieves kinda like a korean ocean eleven but much better, safe cracker thriller
  3. if you are a fan of evil dead series then watch it. the latex was great, lots of blood.. the writing was just so terrible that I was like how could you fuck this up?? the movie has already been made 2 times, just copy and paste and perhaps add a little of your own twist.
  4. evil dead remake sucked ass. special effects were on point the writing was god awful. if you are an evil dead fan - sure watch it but don't expect much and lord have mercy who ever put RZA's the man with the iron fist as a recommendation should have their arms chopped off for even typing that bullshit. no not even worth a watch. absolute 100% garbage- hands down. RZA should be embarrassed go make another wack ass wutang album
  5. About as climatic as when you're having sex and your girl asks you to stop so she can go take a shit
  6. sexcauldron - "not much of an IPA fan" does not sit well me IPA is the best type of beer hands down. continue trying more, you will be a fan eventually. I remember I didn't like IPA's the first time I had them. But I also thought guiness was a good beer at that time
  7. notice that we never complain about the zombie make up. so props to those dudes that are doing the make up is andrea gonna get gang raped next episode???
  8. burnt zombies were awesome. first ever for that.
  9. whats the best osakar blues? i had the imperial stout and the red ipa was decent but at the price they are charging i expect more
  10. comic = awesome tv series = a promise to be something awesome that just turns into a way to spend the least amount of money on producing a great show while trying to rake in as much advertising revenue's as possible. ofcourse hoping people are entertained "enough" to tune back in the following week. i'm not looking to be 'satisfied' - i have better shit to do than sitting around watching tv i'm looking to be holy fucking shit floored because 1. thats all i have time for and 2. its a zombie tv show and i expect nothing less. i have high standards because i expect nothing less of myself if i was making the walking dead tv series. i have high standards in everything i do, from work, to painting, to taking care of dogs, taking pictures etc i do think that the next 3 episodes should be good. the last 2 were just made to save up production money for a good finale.
  11. me too. i held off for 2 seasons, took a peek and was hooked. it just shows you what a bunch of lames can do to a good story. yes overall im much happier with season3 than previous seasons but here is my main gripe. grimes descent into madness is looking like a retard going into a coma michonnes motivation for hating the gov looks like a spiteful butch dyke angry her ex partner decided to turn to dick. andrea has become a replacement slut bag for lori attempt at attacking the prison looked like 4 rednecks with a delivery van there is nothing scary about this gov ___________________ at this point i should hate and fear the gov, i should see rick completely cuckoo for cocoa puffs, i should be excited about the back and forth between the gov vs prison defenders, and i should fucking go ballistic when michonne pokes out gov's eye ________________ all complete plot point failures, on a positive note lil carl is cool
  12. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS!
  13. I really don't come on 12oz anymore unfortunately but I'd like to continue seeing your guys pictures. please either post/message me your preferred mode of contact, FB, flickr, instagram, tumblr etc and I will do the same. When I do develop some pictures I'll come back here and post them for posterity sakes
  14. compliance the bullet train original film that speed was based off of netflix version unfortunately only has the shitty english dubbed the remastered version like the poster above has japanese with subs bones brigade an autobiography
  15. that last episode can blow me seriously a fucking sing along? great way to kill time and waste an episode with a fade into yet another song piece of shit. andrea is a whore
  16. great posts this page. a lot of stuff ive never had. def want to try those
  17. ill be in LA next week if anyone knows a good place to pick up beer let me know otherwise ill just have to hit up multiple liq stores until i find something decent. i may have to fall back on trader joes. just looking for some stuff not offered in the midwest
  18. Chained by the looks and sound of the plot you'd think it was some gory torture flick but its more of a psychological horror story. it was a decent watch and the ending was pretty surprising
  19. i actually got in trouble at an old job because they accused me of looking at porn when i demanded the proof they had 12oz and a list of porn hotlinks from gifs luckily i had already been applying and just switched jobs lesson learned- i no longer visit 12 oz at work
  20. tyrese was introduced around the time of the farm in the comic series. if comparing the two it irritates me the whole way they are handling the situation between michone and the governor. perhaps we'll see more but right now she just appears to be a paranoid nutcase without any motivation to kill the governor.
  21. i thought you were a lesbian? lol
  22. adding to the awesome winter shows neurosis 12/30 chicago
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