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  1. sup dudes, old man beards checking in saw that old screen shot on IG and figured I should probably swing through.. good to see some familiar handles. plus, I haven't really painted in any meaningful way for years, but I've got a couple days to kill on a trip coming up and figured I might as well knock the dust off a couple cans... and where else was I supposed to turn to find a spot/guide? raven.. bruh.. montana? I can't imagine leaving LA right now and heading face first into that winter.
  2. the brick house blog is dope, been following that for a couple years. good stuff in here.
  3. beardo


    i use this thing called "bookmarks".
  4. beardo

    IOU vs. L.A.

    it aint all bad by any means. it's been pretty good to me actually, just not my favorite of places I've lived. handling biz and I'll be out when the time is right.
  5. beardo

    IOU vs. L.A.

    I def hate more than love it here. you're clearly doing it better than I though.
  6. that 'comes a time' is IMO their greatest performance of any song.
  7. 2nd time through Louis I Kahn exercised a great influence on latter 20th-century world architecture. This monograph focuses on his major designs - the Yale Art Gallery in Connecticut, the Salk Institute, California - as well as a number of unfinished projects, in order to understand his work and philosophy.
  8. we've learned from past experience that when big threads get a name change it fucks up things on the back end. www.hypem.com/kema www.soundcloud.com/kema_transcend
  9. man, fish is overplaying the hell out of this 46 days, but I kinda like it :lol:
  10. piper's the jam of the run easy. not super bummed I missed these, live and stream. prob try to make it next year, gotta scratch msg off the list.
  11. bump. feels like I posted this yesterday.
  12. terrible. just watched 'elephant in the room' for about the 10th time just a couple days ago. RIP.
  13. 10 years later, this has finally been officially released. so good it was only a matter of time.. here's the link.. in context even. enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/?jd4pr0r9hjz3w69
  14. woah, this thread is actually kicking. been on a dead kick lately as I've been hipping on a buddy at work. NH
  15. beardo


    been uploading some old gems... flickr / tumblr
  16. thanks for doing the dirty work finding that thread, I was going to re-post as the way I found out about the whole thing. I was working in center city philly and read that post, (which I still find kind of eerily cool that it was authored by a now long time friend of mine). went for what I had which was a radio and listened to it from there. given the option to leave work shortly there-after I did, and on the off chance there was just a good old regular fire in a highrise as I was walking home, leaving me no other choice but to think that we were at full blown fucking war.
  17. beardo


    yeah, woods is heavy duty. I dip in on his blog now and again, but I can't subject myself to his work too often cus I would just start chomping style right and left.
  18. beardo

    The Babble

    http://www.andydenzler.com/ this shit right here.
  19. I was interested in book binding years ago and came across a great how-to site, but since lost the link. I'll try to dig around and find it again, shit was solid gold.
  20. beardo


    those are incredible.
  21. was quite skeptical when I first heard of this, but sounds like it'll be a good show regardless of the politics. will be there.
  22. cool that they have it on the menu. certainly takes the edge off though. sure, I'll 'go there' with this. I just think it crosses into another realm at a certain point. where it's not just 'I'm giving you money for some food, give me what I want' to signing a sort of social contract in which you acknowledge and accept someones expertise. you're purchasing an experience, at a place that you otherwise wouldn't even know about if it weren't for their rigid dedication to craft. when I say common courtesy, that really means respect. obviously that kind of fu-fu attitude rarely truly applies, but it doesn't hurt to exercise it at all times.
  23. the jury's still out on which is worse, the entitled guest or the pandering chef. the remedy is really as easy as just not ordering a steak. everybody knows it's criminal to order well done, and really, at a middle to low spot, you get a pass and we can all laugh at you for that one. in an upscale setting, please roll with the romans. pick something else off the menu that won't need to be fucked with/up, seems a common courtesy to me. I wouldn't be surprised if kitchens keep shitty cuts around just for the well done folks.
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