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    meh. something bout 80 threadZ. thread search. nothing. bored and dellusional. fuck you. errybody gone. some y'all cool. some y'all got dis shit. might well holler at a nigga. vice versa. big ol titty. that ayn't my name tho. **symbols, mercer, and apparently some new bitch patrolling/lurkin the boards ga head and delete if old news is old**
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    So tonight i was messing around with an empty liquid paper pen and i realized that the top came off so i tired putting in some paint and paint thinner but i tried writing with it and nothing came out. and thoughts or ideas? thanks
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    Ethersock's New York photo blog Ethersock's New York/ Ethersock's Detroit on Flickr "Ethersock" on instagram
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    "You're right...this IS some good mescaline."
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    never had twitter, facebook, or instagram. twitter is funny, though.. just been procrastinating like a motherfucker on making an account before this place logs everyone out permacrashily or turns into one big flash flyer, imma add few of you who actually rock & dont have your shit on public, via flickr
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    rustos and stock tips
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    already been recommended, but i thought it was pretty good, got crazy at the end also juno temple is cute as fuck
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