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  1. Fuck, I let my house go into foreclosure last year and Jue fucks it all up. Who wants to buy a fixer-upper with lots of potential? Side note: That Stori is 300 years young. It was painted when the east side along the river was all French strip farms. Bump Boris for the flicks.
  2. Boris! and "immagrant song". Should've been "AmyGrant song".
  3. Master flickage: http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/instagram-round-up-excuse-my-sarcasm
  4. Owwwww, my pride...and yeah, bring that heat. 7 Mile, the betta mile. Testify: I've personally seen the fireboy fuck up 20 spots in a night and RIP Tom, dude had respect for everyone. Food for thought: I bet the sewing circle would pitch a bitch if a Nekst (RIP) throwie in Detroit got gone over, but this is cool because Tom wasn't nation wide...? Bump them Boris flicks, that last one gave me a fucking seizure. Peace to the Detroit homies.
  5. Couple of dudes up in this BBC video about Deeetroit. Stay cool, ya'll. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23370598
  6. If a dude agrees to paint on camera and doesn't cover his face, he knows what will happen in the day of YouTube. Side note: Someone please post flicks of that legal wall that's in progress...
  7. Holy handshake, Batman! Warning, may cause seizures.
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