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Weigh In: Individual privacy and freedom versus collective *safety and security*

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Well, my peoples been a minute since I've done a "weigh In" thread. The last ones on Social Media cheapening personal relationships and killing conversation has done incredibly well (go check it out and chime in, if you havent already). The one on political correctness versus teenage / young adult violence hasn't been as popular a topic, but hoping you guys still jump in on that discussion. Also remember to search "Weigh In" as there will likely be many more if you're reading this long after the fact.


Current topic: Individual privacy and freedom versus collective *safety and security*.


Inspired by a DM conversation with a friend from London (yes, it sucked trying to tap out decent replies on the fake mobile keyboard and being limited by the charter count for each individual response. Also lost a message or two when I hit send and it just disappeared instead of sending). In any case, I had responded to an IG story he posted that was a repost of someone else being critical of tax breaks for the 1% and how they should be paying more taxes and carrying the lions share of the weight in supporting a livable wage and health care and other social programs since they wouldn't be in a privileged position without the hard work of the labor force.


Now to take a step back and add some context, which helps define my position in the actual topic here (though this also deserves to be a weigh in thread so maybe we'll loop back to the specific topic of taxes)... I believe tax is theft, plain and simple. If you pay 25% taxes on your income, you are a slave from January 1 through to March 31st. Literally every penny you make, will be taken from you through the threat of incarceration and enforced from the end of a gun. That money will then go into the void where if you take the time to review the National Budget (in the USA at least), most will be going to wage wars and further build up our arsenal of tools for mass destruction. The next largest line item is to pay for medicare and social security, a ponzi scheme in every sense of the definition in that the government long ago spent the money of the people that paid into that retirement program and is now paying them back with new money being taxed (stolen) from people working today.


The basic services that come to mind the moment you suggest we should do away with all taxes... Stuff like roads and bridges, National Parks, environmental spending, etc can be found all lumped into that little sliver in the pie chart at the bottom of the line items that make up the National Budget. So while you're slaving a way a minimum of 3 months out of every year (often times significantly longer), your money is going to further consolidate the power of the politically elite, pay their ridiculous salaries and their preferential health care (that differs completely from the crap we're forced into - yet another topic - and basically do all the foul shit most of us are against like invading sovereign countries and bombing their infrastructure to dust before rebuilding it all back up again... And providing shit care to our senior citizens because they were convinced they needed to give up a huge portion of their income over a lifetime so that the government could look after them in their old age, rather than consider the government can't even deliver mail or issue drivers licenses with any type of proficiency so literally putting your retirement and health in their hands might not be a wise idea (also a topic for another day).


Anyhow, looping back... Considering the above especially, but in general we likely can all agree that the government is hugely powerful and that power is maintained by way of our tax money. That if we implemented duties and tariffs solely by those that are consuming that item, that we could very easily cover the costs of infrastructure and basic social systems like the fire department and law enforcement. Believe it or now, in the history of the USA, even now in 2018, this country went without income tax for longer than it has been maintained with it. That all the way into the 1900s, we actually managed to get through some of our largest advances as a country and prosper to become one of the most significant countries on the planet, without a government funded through the hefty income tax revenue it demands today. Again, straying and definitely need to make this its own topic, but feel free to explore it further.


Government power is in direct correlation to the loss of individual freedom and a huge recent example is the Real ID program being implemented, right now as we speak. Basically the Federal Government wants more direct, granular access to data on each individual. By appropriating the state drivers license system and consolidating it into a centralized federal database, they can lay the groundwork to mass data collection since drivers licenses are used for a whole hell of a lot more than driving a car. With technological advances and a more standards compliant format, its easy to go from flashing some ID, to instead scanning an ID that then updates your profile in the system. Scary 1984 type shit for sure.


The narrative being sold is that time tested and true boogie man narrative of terrorism and the governments valiant efforts to track it down and stomp it back into the furthest reaches so that you and your loved ones stay safe.


Never mind that your chance of being hit by lightening or attacked by a shark are greater than dying in a terrorist type event. Or that somehow hacking or falsifying the state drivers license system, literally has not played any type of role in a single event, ever. Or that anyone can still falsify the paperwork needed to get a Real ID or bypass it altogether with a falsified international passport, etcetera, etcetera.


Some states, including my newly adopted home of Montana, essentially told the Federal Government to shove their Real ID program and to go fuck themselves. Literally our governor, with the unanimous support from both sides of the aisle in our state legislature, said it was a not needed, expensive and a gross violation of individual privacy and complete over step of Federal power.


In response, the Federal government bullied the non-cooperative states, including Montana by threatening to pull funding for specific critical programs (yes the ones, being funded by the money they previously stole from the very same people) and more significantly (IMO), said that Montana state drivers licenses would no longer qualify as valid personal identification in any Federal building. That means, you can't use a Montana drivers license at the post office or at the airport to buy a ticket or board a plane. Further to that, it would no longer fall under the umbrella of national reciprocity so that driving in other states, would require new legislation between each and every state to revalidate the privilege to drive their roads with a drivers license no longer recognized at the national level. Yeah, I'm fucking serious... Look it up if you don't believe me.


Since then, and actually evolving this week, is that this particular state got somewhat bullied into semi compliance. Unlike most states that just went and embraced this fucked up cluster fuck of a situation, the state of Montana is voting to make Real ID participatory for citizens of the state, in exchange for not getting funding cut and for the people that aren't willing to deal with the hardships that'll follow giving Washington DC a giant middle finger. The Feds have extended the compliance deadline in exchange for *tangible progress* and the state is allowing people the option of paying $35 to trade in their Montana State Drivers License for a Real ID version of it so that they can get back to showing ID when they need to pick up their mail or board a flight that leaves the state of Montana. So at least for now, people here (and in a couple other states that are also fighting back) can choose to not get down with that program.


So... I'm guessing his will be news to a lot of you. I'm guessing those that might have heard mention, probably haven't followed it closely and realize the extent of what's happening, let alone the implications of this truly fucked up situation. While most of us are reposting Trump memes, marching against the 1% and arguing over who gets to use what bathroom or whatever the current narrative and hot button topic the mainstream media is spinning up, and feel like we're politically engaged, we're taking another huge step in that grand plan they have. George Orwell was far too conservative in his warnings about big brother.


Feel free to research all I've said. Here's a recent news report specific to where I live, but if you dig around, you'll find a ton of shit. Open your eyes, read between the lines, question everything and most important of all, start using that blob of grey matter between your ears.




I now open this up to discussion.

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There's no hope of ever fixing government, and by that I mean any government, Federal, State, or Local. Power corrupts, and giving an organization a monopoly on violence means they have absolute power.


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