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* NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *


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What an epic game...god damn.


I fulfilled a childhood dream to see a game in the snow...the cold couldn't kill my hype.


Flacco loves to make you hate him, only so he can play the hero when it's all sad and done.

5 TDs in the final 2:05 of the game...has to be a record.


The Redskins are a fucking college team, Maryland only has one real team.

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Yeah the Boys are in trouble....I called Eagles before the season and ive got it on podcast so im not a bandwagoner.


I also called that Vick would be done by mid-season and my boy Ole' Saint Nick would take over.


LeSean McCoy is definately the heart of that Eagles attack, but if any other QB had done what Nick Foles had done they'd want to crown them the next HOFer. But alas he's a tall, goofy looking white dude so he flys under the radar.

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Yeah, that PI call was kind of shitty, but all teams get bad, game changing calls so ill take being on the right side of it for once. Dennis did get tripped up but it wasn't purposely, oh well, it was a fucking blizzard out there.


Flacco is alot more mobile than people give him credit for, I was on the opposite side of the stadium when he broke that little piece of running off and I about shit myself thinking he was going in for it.


He had another run, even nicer IMO but of course Oher had it negated on some stupid ass penalty.

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word. Oher needs to reel that shit in... 3rd most penalized player in the league i think.


and yeah, as a ravens fan it's crazy to be on the winning side of a bad call.. we paid plenty of dues in that arena so i'm not looking any gift horses in their gobs

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Yeah no shit, I can't even count how many times from 2007-2011 the Ravens would be beating a top tier team (Patriots, Steelers, Colts) and then like clockwork some phantom ass penalty would set the other teamup for the win.


While that call was shit, it didnt give the Ravens the win by an means. Marlon Brown should not have been that open and the throw-catch was insane.

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