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* NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *


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SNF is where it's at. Redskins are horrible. They talked so much shit after winning the division last year. They follow that up with a shitty draft and terrible coordinators/coaches calling the same schemes as last year and you get last place in the NFC East.



Eagles or Cowgirls will win it this year. I'm hoping the Birds will have it wrapped up before the final game of the season so we can just focus on staying healthy for the playoffs.

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Ravens have their first complete win of the season...thank fuck.


Geno Smith is balls, I said this before the draft and I stick by it. Even for a rookie this nigga is terrible, EJ, Glennon, hell alot of the backup Qb's seeing action who are basically rookies to the game are out playing his ass.


I can see the Ravens getting the 6th seed Wild card.


Only real threat is the Steelers, we have to win on Turkey day or this year is really going to be dissapointing.

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Perts, dem Birds are coming for 1st place! What's your schedule looking like this month? Eagles schedule looks manageable. We can maybe win 3 out of 4 before the showdown at the end of the season.




Our schedule is looking pretty good, got the Bears, Packers, Skins, and Eagles. All winable games, but that doesn't mean the Cowboys won't lose every single one, haha.



No way I can predict what happens, just hope we finish better than 8-8

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The Eagles employ the bend but don't break method. Which means they give up a ton of yards but don't let the opposing team score much. I think they're second to last (behind Dallas) in yards per game allowed, but they have held teams to 21 or less points in 7 straight games. Run defense has been solid too.



Megatron is a beast though, no stopping him.

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I will be at the Ravens-Vikings Game tomorrow, beyond excited.


No Christian Ponder, and possibly no AP.

Im torn, half of me wants thim there so I can say I saw him play in my lifetime

but without him the Vikings have the chance of a candle in a snowstorm.


For a youngin I feel like im starting to pad my games-seen-in-person resume.

4th Ravens game, 6th overall....


I like our odds at home, 38-7 over the past 5 years.

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