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Mike McCarthy being a dick for no reason, haha. There's a lot of electricity being saved in Denver as TVs get turned off in the 1st quarter.


If you missed it... here's basically how the scoring went in the 1st quarter:


Den FG 5:26

GB 50 Yard Pass TD

GB INT from Kyle Orton to Charles Woodson returned for TD




GB kicked an onside kick and recovered it.


Then scored another TD.





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Raiders nation umad at game! wilding out when Wilfork got yet another int! hahah

i knew pats would win and also figured Seymour was gonna nig out.

hated the last pats drive and the last raiders drive. no effort on both ends for the pats. ugly. yea they were gonna win but so what. always make that play. fuck


but yo, Detroit? i knew the bills are not for real but is detroit?


congrats Packers fans, Rogers had one hell of a day!

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Crazy day for football, most of my picks were right.


and on a side note fuck the god damn steelers, it should of been 31 to 10 not 17 to 10.

So glad Big ben is hurt, fuck black and yellow i hope they dont win another game.Cheating Bastards. The refs had to talk for 10mins to figure out what bullshit they could make up to call the TD back.


Ravens nurga

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Pats win, but don't hit the over, thus costing me $400.


You used to be able to depend on Belichick to run the score up, but instead he basically takes four dives at the goal line. I'm disgusted


i shoulda just copy and pasted your texts... ha


i cant stand either teams on Sunday night but i guess i hope the Ravens make the Jets eat shit...

two wild plays to open it up...

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I'm proud of the Lions, I felt last year they were doing things.

They lost a lot of close games last year, this year they are winning the same games they would have lost.

They need to get better starts the back from behind wont work in the playoffs.

esp 20-0 at halftime.


Im happy for Detroit fans.

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