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Is there a doctor in the house?

what it iz

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does this retard still think closing your web browser disconnects you from the internet?


if that is the case, how the fuck would you explain an office LAN system ?


No such thing. Every computer has it's own Internet connection, that's why each of them have red boxes with white Xs.


Computer networking 101 :lol: ...DOES NOT EXIST.

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I believe the point everyone is trying to make is that the web browser and the internet are two completely separate things.


I could close my web browser right now, but my Fabolous mixtape would still be downloading, and thus still using the interweb, cause it's always on


C'mon, br0

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Dao, Dao, Dao. You're the homie, but think of it this way. If you don't open an internet browser for a whole month, you will still get an internet bill. If that makes any sense.




Kinda like how if you don't turn your TV on for a month you'll still get a cable bill?

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the simplest way to think is that your internet is always connected, whether the browser is open or not.


The only way it isn't is if you go to the computer icons and disconnect, or unplug your modem. If you have a dial up connection then that you connect and disconnect, but closing the browser doesn't do that. but broadband connections are constant.


next time you start your pc howver the mouse over the computer icons and you should see it automatically connect as soon as PC starts.


Closing a browser just stops you from viewing websites, it doesn't stop you from being connected to the internet.

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Again, I'll point out the very easily understandable example of downloading music. You can do that with the browser closed, and it requires the internet




Well I'm sure you do something similar to turning on your "browser" in order to connect to the internet.

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