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High Times...(not magazine)

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So we all know that there are different levels of high. 1 to 5 each high is rated with one being the occasional smile that creeps out the side of your mouth because you know youre high but everyone else doesnt know to 5, the ungodly paralyzing blitzed out of your FUCKING mind high where our brains take us to different worlds and can compute quantum physics better than steven hawking. Tell us, tell us all you guilty ass bastards, what your most memorable high times are...and your worst.


(Oh...and im high as fuck right now)


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Tamponed. That's a good skintag prior to the close.





Wait guys it's cool. He's from Oregon. Oregano people.


Well in all honesty I like to blaze before painting freights. 4 bluntz filled with 20 bags.


Get it? 4 + 20 = 4/20

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