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Those annoying magnet-beeper-tags on items you want for free? Gone

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Shoplifter Profile

Shoplifters come in all shapes and sizes, ages and sexes, and vary in ethnic background, education, and economic status. Some shoplifters steal for the excitement, some steal out of desire, some steal for need, some steal out of peer pressure, and some steal because it is simply a business transaction to them. Some shoplifters are compulsive, some opportunistic, and some are mentally ill and don't know any better. Some shoplifters are desperate from drug addiction, alcoholism, or from living on the street. Children and elderly persons sometime steal without realizing they are committing a crime. Most shoplifters try to rationalize their crime by thinking the large retailer can afford the loss.


In urban cities, it is not unusual to find a network of fences that send out teams of shoplifters into specific retail stores to shoplift specific items, much like filling an order for a customer. These fences only pay 10-20 cents on the dollar to the thieves, but sometimes pay their room, board, and provide training on how to steal and defeat the anti-theft technology. Some fences have been known to bail their workers out of jail when caught or provide for their legal defense. This creates a kind of strange street loyalty much like the tale of Oliver Twist.

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I always got a handfull of rubberbands, and wrapped them around the space between the two ends, and twisted it around, around, around - eventually it pops right off.



This shit is leet though

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Magnets are old news. That's what the actual retailers use to remove it. Except theirs are attached to the checkout counter.


You can also lightly burn them with a lighter. The heat demagnetizes them.

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