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I never said I was cool.

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  1. Thats John Stossel clip is truly amazing. I love when a reporter thinks he's gonna blow the entire industry wide open then plays himself. LOVE IT!
  2. Not to mention that no respectable person wants to be a cop, so they lower the standards and only the biggest losers who want to run around on a power trip sign up. But I must say, looks like a lot of fun to taser some fool.
  3. Totally not the same girl, still a whore but just a different whore. She only wants the photos down cause people think it's her, weather it is or not it actually is doesn't matter if the public thinks that it is.
  4. How does anyone take up smoking crack of shooting heroin knowing that they'll be known as a crack head or a junkie? That alone should be enough of a deterant (I can't spell).
  5. How the fuck did I miss this thread? I sprayed soda through my nose laughing.
  6. Wolves are so '80's... Everytime I see a husky I just picture Lita Ford walking it.
  7. Released in 2008, so it's fairly new.
  8. They call them Empanadas in Mexico and they call them Pasteliltos in Cuba. Pretty much the same shit, but sometimes they're not fried in Cuba.
  9. I thought this was gonna be a thread about keeping secrets...
  10. I posted up a news story that I found entertaining, the only responses I got were complaints so I edited my post and removed it. Then I re-titled the thread so that no one would waste their time coming in to check it... and now you're mad. Seems like I can't win either way.
  11. Let's get back to something much more useful: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=132294
  12. Re: Al Jolson... Sorry, I kind of thought that the idea of coloring your face with a magic marker in an attempt to hide your identity while committing a crime was pretty hilarious... My mistake.
  13. Nothing to see here... (seriously, do not look in here). ...
  14. In fact, it's made to be low tack = doesn't stick well on purpose. Just hide a camera somewhere and be done with it.
  15. I know the difference, but trying to make it positive in the black community by spelling it with an "A" is just insulting to black folks in my opinion... but if they think it empowers them, hey who am I to say that it doesn't...
  16. It was ok... I saw one of those masters of horror made by Takashi Miike that was pretty good. It was called Imprint and it was banned from TV so they never aired it. OK, here's the next one:
  17. Nigger was created by white people as a derogatory word for blacks... Based on that fact alone, blacks will never truly own it...
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