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Surf serf eberyday surf.

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So... I made this thread for you cats who enjoy surfing. We're talking about spots. Heavy spots. Surfing is the fucking godfather of all board sports and fuck you if you believe otherwise.


The Wedge. = Newport beach, Cali. aka Newps.




Breaks on a south swell, the wave jacks up and refracts off of the jetty. You will die or at least get hurt trying to charge this spot unless you're really good. Mostly weak ass body boarders- although it does get charged by a few locals on surfboards. Breaks into dry sand.


Mavericks. = Half Moon Bay, Cali.



IMO: gnarliest spot, that I've ever paddled out to in the whole fucking world. Sharks. Cold water. Breaks about a mile off-shore. Currents ready to sweep a nigro out to Tahiti. 45+ minute paddle out. And unfriendly locals, even if you are one. Video does not do justice to this spot. The everest of surfing. Santa Cruz locals own it. Fuck you Hawaii. Mark Foo drowned here. Respect. PS: tow-ins not shown.


Humboldt. = The Jetty, Cali.



Almost as gnar as Mav's. I couldn't really find any good vids. However this spot is... well... fucking gnar. First off its in Humboldt. Break is in the middle of a world class harbor. Shit only STARTS to show on a 15-20 foot swell, in the middle of a shipping lane. Thick, beasty type lefts peel towards a rock Jetty. The locals will sell you kind bowls, but will also slit a niggas throat for just being there. Humboldt has mad surf spots, and the loc's protect them. Check Shelter Cove. Tow-ins happen.


Teahupoo. = 'Chopoo, Tahiti



Considered by many, to be the heaviest wave in the world. Pound for pound I agree. Considering the coral reef is a FEW feet below the water. 2 people have died here in the past couple of years. Heads, stuffed into coral holes. Definition of epic.


The Box. = Western Oz



Another fucked up reef spot. Western Australia is full of them. The video shows a small day.

Straight up stunt wave. West Oz is full of unexplored/undisclosed spots like this.


Shipsterns Bluff. = Tazmania




Just like the Box, only WAY heavier and oh... at least a few hundred miles from real help. If you bail and get hurt here, say peace.





This fucking shit. Break is about 100 miles from the Coast of San Diego, as the crow flies. A random shallow spot where open ocean swells peel from left to right. Tow in only. The editor of Surfer magazine attempted to paddle into a wave here and nearly died. Swells move at like.... 30 to 40 mph here. White sharks frequent this spot, just like Humboldt and Mav's.


Ghost Trees. = Carmel/Monterey, Cali.



Another spot y'all cali niggas really don't know about. The 16th mile off of 17 mile drive in Monterey. Strictly tow. Kids die here. Shit gets HUGE. And the name is scary enough. Santa Cruz locals come through and rip it. You watch.


Fullers. = Big Sur, Cali.


Just another one of those 'crazy' secret spots in Cali. Strictly south swell. 2'000 foot hike switchback trail down to a south swell spot. A long ways from help if anything goes wrong. South's magnify into a gaping barrel with killer whales, surly locals, white sharks and jagged rocks. If you can find this place, hike to it, and paddle out... then you've earned it.


There are a hell of a lot more.


Todos Santos . Baja Cali

Dungeons . S. Africa

Jaws . Maui

Seaside . Oregon


Fuck, I've got some left over In-N-Out to merk. A handle to drank, + the fading south calls.

You E. Coast surfing ass niggas should be jealous. Considering my boys from the cruz came out and absolutely DESTROYED the spots you fucks didn't even consider surfable. Hurricane swells is all you got. Hah.


I'll delve into the outer banks and Alaska later. Nova Scotia too.


Peace, be easy.

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gnarly br0


we have a saying round these parts, it goes like this;


ahhhh seeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffff

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You ozzie cats are the kill. Had a local stitch me up from a reef cut in Perth. Fool let us stay at his house, drank his whiskey and he showed us the spots.


Not much graffiti in Western Australia. Cutty cuts.

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Yeah. I don't have anything meaningful to contribute. It's winter and it's too cold to get my surf on.

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Other heavy spots:


Mundaka . Spain

Niijima . Japan

Cabirata . NSW Au

G-Land . Indonesia

'The Farm' . Mendocino US

Spot A . BC, Vancouver CA


God. I'm about to go off. I'll save it for later. This is more for my own reference than anything. Working on a report for school.



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Enough with the Spiccoli ref's. We aren't all like that.


we're australian. our country is in the shape of a surfboard

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Eh..... If I could relate your country to the shape of any kind of board it would be a longboard.

And...... nobody likes longboarders. So... no go.


You kidz is better than that.


Insert smiley face here <

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Tripping, son.


We're as adept on land as anybody.

The fuck, you from Wiscanson or something? Even they got the great lakes, and believe it or not, Lake Michigan has waves! I surfed in Chicago during a windstorm once!


You seem to be drowning in your own spew.

I'll toss you some floaty wings chump.



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Cyclops . NSW AU




Cyclops can only be accessed by boat. Still a fairly new wave on the surfing world’s radar, its got probably the heaviest, thickest lips in the world. A cool 7 hours south of Perth. If you can find it... good luck. Considered unsurfable by most.


The "Potato Patch". = San Fransisco, Cali.


About 15 miles outside of the Golden Gate Bridge. Huge open ocean swells slam into Duxbury Reef. Once thought to be impossible, niggas like Grant Washburn have paddled into it. No pictures to do it justice. MAJOR SHIPPING HAZARD. Yet folks like us surf it.


Nelscott Reef . Lincoln City, Oregon


If you have to ask, you don't need to know. Again, Santa Cruz cats came through and showed the locals how its done.


Waimea . HI, US

Jaws aka Peahi @ Maui . HI, US

Sunset . HI, US

Pipe . HI, US


^Along with another hundred or so, played the fuck out Hawaii spots. < Shits tired.:scrambled:

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I actually dig those youtube links. Always thought surfing would be rad. I would love to see surfing on lake michigan in chicago - the waves do get big.

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Word, and thanks. This is pretty much the only thread I've ever started per 12oz. I couldnt get a few of the last posts flicks going.... working on it. Lincoln City has a dope skatepark and VERY dope waves... got some coooooool ass flicks.


The Great Lakes do get some swell. It's wierd surfing a lake... lack of sharks is a plus.

Surfed Lake Tahoe once as well. 4-5 feet and peeling off of a boat dock on the south-side.



^lake michigan. North of Racine, WI.

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Incline, right near the same spot I hit. It's only do-able on a longboard of course...

However... its still pretty fucking cool to hit up the bar with a board on top of your car and be like "yeah" I surfed the lake today. Bitches, you may buy me a beer and hop on my cock later.


You need BIG winds to pull off a surfable swell with fetch as small as Tahoe is.


Tahoe, Superior and Michigan are pretty much the only lakes to ever be surfed in the world.

Take it for what its worth.

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For those cats who thought the NW didn't have surfable spots.

These are my folks, Peter Mel, Virostko, Zach Whormhoudt, and Skin-Dog paddling into the Lincoln City Reef in Oregon. Santa Cruz representing, as usual. The Jet skiis are there, but only for life-saving emergencys.


Keep in mind they ripped this contest after a full WEEK of drinking, skating (Oregon has amazing skateparks) and general debauchery. Oregon has hot bitches and good herb to boot. No sales tax and you cant even pump your own gas! Love it!


Funny, because the NW is fully slept on for us Cali kids. There are spots like this all over Washington and up through British Columbia.


I love cold water. Not just cold, I'm talking that full-on, snow on the beach, mind-numbing type shit.

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Enough of this replying to my own thread type shit.




Check it at 1:21. My boy Virostko, aka Flea, gets bombed on one of the heaviest waves ever.


Fool decided its a good idea to rock a life vest... bad move. Nigga got held for TWO WAVES after he went under. Talk about life support. He lives. FYI, his lifevest was ripped from his body and his board was ripped from his ankle/leash. He surfaced about 2 minutes after going under-water and skin-dog swooped with the ski. - Pending another set.


We cracked budwiesers on the boat and he told me he hit bottom. This is Mavericks. HMB, about 20 minutes south of San Fransisco. This spot is about 60 feet deep. Nigga bounced off of the bottom- came up for air, and then took two more on the dome before he was snatched up by the ski. Imagine surfing Niagra falls x 3.


We ran through the Volcom house @ Pipe in Hawaii and they had never ever, had the privy to chill with such gnarly folks. Respect. Out drank and out surfed.


Big up SC.

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