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ok, its christmas, im alone and im drunk.

T.T Boy

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see title for explination, yeah so im drunk as shit right now and my whole family has gone out, where you ask? i have no fucking clue, but they left me at home, i did just ge a new webcam but i dont really knwo how to use it. if youre bored like me reply here and yeah stuff.............................. fuck ihave no idea whats going on, i just ate a whole box of cream puffs.












fuck, did i mention i havent been drunk since early summer? this is a hwole new experience to me.










whooooooooooooooo for tt and drunkenesssssssssss

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drank all night with the family... just some budweiser maybe 6... went downtown and had a 6 pack of tall boys (miller high life, no doubt). sit at my sisters with some people while they all smoke out. i come home and head to the computer and my sister starts yelling "he's drunk. he's drunk." all this turns into a lecture about how i should move home, and turns into one of the worst nights of my life. i dont think they realize that nights like this make me wanna drink....



oh, and my girlfriend wants nude pictures taken of her. she is open for photographers... whatever.


what a wonderful life.

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I've been piss-drunk the past three days. I don't know why my parents kept giving me the keys to their car. All my clothes reek of weed too- I got the dankest shit right now. Happy Holidays.


Yo gutz, quitcherbitchin and hire me. I charge 5 bucks per 8x10 (after film and developing.)

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Originally posted by metallix

haha look what i got :




Yo metallix.. nice setup man. I though they was 1200's for a second there. How do the Stanton's handle ? You get that shit for xmas or is that your setup or what ?



scratchin.. wh wh w w w what is it ??


scratch haters.. EAT IT !!


_defender of the skeratchhhhhh_

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