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  1. awesome. eight posts about a single sentence of mine... sounds like houston. pure heat, you act like i ruined the thread; i made one post... probably the first post i've made on here in the past six months. it's been a while since i've been to houston, but i think i still have some shit around the washington and sawyer area... it'll look like one of your throw ups, but better. relax on callng me a shit talker; ive been nothing but cool to your buddy in the past and was just pointing out some glaring resemblences (backed by Bellbeefer).
  2. im not much for posting on here, but BAER, you and your homies throws look a little too close to home. maybe you should holler.
  3. haha, what? you think he sold 'em all?
  4. bump for weah and color. my fave fellow BYers.... BOOYAH!
  5. early january im from texas and will be in manchester in early - mid january for some work. i have connects in boston, but was looking for someone to hang out with in manchester. send an email to TexasIsJustOK@hotmail.com if youre in the area. i will reply wiht lots of pictures to vouch. for myself
  6. say MISTER- i think i sent you an email, but i was kinda faded when you gave it to me... so check it and reply if i got it right... if not, find a way to get at me. saturday night sluggggz.
  7. uh and yes


    checking in... right now, i am riding alkaline's (yes, old school alkaline) 2000 bianchi pista. it's funny how getting into bikes has diverted my attention from girls. i used to walk around campus checking out racks... and, now i walk around campus checking out (bike)... RACKS! i'm looking to build up a geared bike soon.
  8. DTS is worldwide. houston needs to grow up. looks like a lot of these kids are too young to remember...
  9. who ragged the NEXT DDDDC freight?
  10. who ragged the NEXT DDDDC freight?
  11. i guess its just in vein with self promotion. i mean, if you hadnt done a post everytime you updated with these exact same flicks, itd be one thing. granted its not your fault when someone "steals" from your website, but this shits been posted several times before; at least once by yourself. why not bump your old threads rather than making TWO new ones? you take pictures; not make pictures. excuse me if i dont mourn your dead site's passing.
  12. worty of two threads? toot! toot! is that your own horn i hear?
  13. this site's been dead for a really long time. whats the point of a rest in peace thread now? all of these freights are at least 2 yrs old, and have been posted and reposted.
  14. uh and yes


    oh, yeah? these accusations coming from a chick biting EKOS*DTS hard. look, i dont even post on this board anymore (this is my first post in nearly a year). and, i am not even a fan of sudz, but dont call the kettle black, ms. pot. dont get me wrong, even i get ragged for my influences, but i'm sure i could go toe to toe with you kiddies. not to be an asshole. just calling 'em as i sees 'em.
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