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Economic Situation Of Writters

Economic Situation Of Writters  

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  1. 1. Economic Situation Of Writters

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I work as a fuckin roadie...

Do the math. I dont paid enough, nor do I even get paid very often. Its my only job other then trying to hock graff style rugs purchased from Ikea. Ive sold a total of 3 rugs so far, which earned me 150 dollars..but that went into car repair, belton/ikea and stickyicky.


I have zero deniro to speak of, broke for the time being. I do have paint though and thats more valuable then money to me at this time.

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just wanted to take a poll and see how some of the graffiti population is doing..
Yo! I'm broke as fuck right now. But best believe I keep some change for for my color, thats word. my econ statis is not going tom keep me from getting the fuck up. STARVING ARTIST is what we are. So embrass it and keep it moving. My passion for graff is all I got.:shakehead:
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Guest qwerty

naaah man... broke as a joke. going pay by pay, and thats rare to.


its funny though, im broke, but every other head i know is a trust fund bomber for the most part, with the exception of very few.

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workin sellin shite over the fone, earns a decent amount to buy a few cans of monatana, eat out every few days and to travel to mates for the weekend,


So not so bad, ive managed to save a bit, but puttin that to going hamburg and berlin again so will be skint pretty dam soon.

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i hate painting with you broke ass bombers. its like' date=' we get in my lexus to go bombin, and your broke ass wants to use MY cans??!?!? nigga!!! then you aint got no money for [b']gas fade[/b], and you want me to spot you a dollar for a McChicken sandwhich.


if this is a reference to 'sideways' by e-40 featuring Mac Mall off of In a Major Way, then the phrase is actually 'gas feddy' (to rhyme with 'fast freddy') which is short for fedex which is synonomous with gouda, cheese, skrillah, scratch, paper, yaper. yadadi?


otherwise, i appologize, and ask that you explain this term

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