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  1. the kind of stuff that makes me think i should quit ... but my mom says im pretty good at drawing so i keep at it.
  2. i think ive read enough excerpts of that book to get the gist of it ... i guess im relegated to writing in KRS-One for president again.
  3. i tried to tell this guy at work the other day that Bill Clinton was NOT good for this country. he's one of the many who like Clinton because during the 90's he "had money" and gives Clinton the credit for that. i tried explaining that Clinton also helped pass NAFTA and that he was NOT a good president. ive been saying for a couple years now that i think Hillary will be selected as the next president, but now that Obama has Zbigniew Brzezinski and his ilk in his corner, im not so sure. bottom line, the Clinton's are DIRTY!! longing for Kucinich for el presidente ...
  4. unfortunately Ron Paul didnt get that much support in my state's primary but i swear by driving around this city youd think by the amount of signs that everybody and their mother was down with him. im sort of confused.
  5. assuming youre toy because you came here to ask this question, if youre that worried about it, put a number behind it. or you can just crush the shit out of Boston, say "fuck you" to the other guy and save 12oz. some bandwidth buy not creating yet another inane fucking thread. good luck.
  6. some good shit here ... RIP NACE, PHRITE and RIOT Klips, Sufer, Siez Kepto
  7. i was down to possibly vote for Obama in the general election as i couldnt select anyone for the primaries since my state has closed primaries for independents but ive learned that Obama has connections to Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's old National Security Advisor. this does not make me happy, personally. Brzezinski was co-founder of the Trilateral Commission along with David Rockefeller. i dont care if you believe in conspiracy or not, but this is NOT a group i trust.
  8. respect goes out to the VRS's, and the older heads like Triel and Tomb who were up back in the early/mid 90's when i lived out in OR. still got flicks of shit from back then somewhere. the tunnels under the freeway used to be burner galleries. Frustr8 used to be up too, maybe more in Eugene though. OR has some nice graffiti on the whole though ... peace to your city from an outta towner.
  9. Zokes with the straight letter that Stae Pan Am RIP Nace
  10. anybody know how to make it so photos you post up cant be copied? or if you run into those kinds of pics on websites, how to copy them anyway?
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