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  1. bokals..


    see.. u are a kid.. ^^ and ur also emo...
  2. bokals..


    an xmas gift..?.. i rock in teh tetris...
  3. Re: You just got served! Trump goeas at Rosie ahhh man boo-urns... good for u for falling into american celebrity bandwagons...
  4. spend it at home and next time make plans...
  5. keep the 5150... pfffffft keep head on strong... ma man... sounds kinda dumb... (whatever that is..) ?.. and i want to simply be bokes.. maybe i will give up this one as well and stick to the Corp Pun.. that way i will not be a noob...
  6. and new years is not a holiday.. it is an event..
  7. bokals..


    i worked at bubba gumps a long time ago.. still have this.. [/img]
  8. was yall feeling lil' wayne when all that cash money shit was dropping...?..
  9. awesome.. ^^^ if the planet shown was cybertron.. oohwee... optimus does sound kinda lame... but shit definetly seems action packed...
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