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Everything posted by Hashassian

  1. Hashassian


    I dig this thread bump fo dude
  2. all the goodies from ................... heres some gems *edit - posting child pornography probably isn't the smartest thing to do, idiot
  3. life goes by to quick it really does....r.i.p croc hunter
  4. this kid right here sounds pretty good http://www.myspace.com/richquick i dig role model the most.
  5. this nigguh man chill with the dumb shit why would you want to watch anyways thats a stupid question what the fuck is that going to change?
  6. dont be actin like you dont act like youre drunk when the ladies wanna see you get crunk
  7. i think this guy should buy a gun and shoot off his fingers
  8. niggguh kaynes such a beeyach
  9. Honestly, I'd rather party with the gottis than the emos
  10. Hashassian


    maybe they jumped out of the phish food
  11. gettin drunk and doing pills is the bomb its a shitty day here so i might open the medicine cabinet today
  12. if i saw a fox in the middle of the street id stick a sign to its bum that says "pee in my butt"
  13. i hate this bitch ass nigga always callin shenanigans nigguh
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