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  1. image hosting no account tool to take screen snapshot :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Not easy posting after Mek. God damn.
  3. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed Also it's worth noting that whilst there's like 12 members in Ch0 right now, there's also 340 guests. Speculative to say but i'd imagine a fair amount of those will be people who have or have had log in problems and have maybe given up on trying to get into their accounts and just come to take a peak at threads like the documentary thread, tattoo thread, various music threads, etc. I don't think 12oz is dead, but it certainly isn't what it used to be that's for sure.
  4. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed I suppose the only way to turn it around is to try to post more invigorating content, in the hope that heads new and old will engage and perhaps then we'll see a steady increase to people using 12oz like it used to be used. I do think the blog played a big part though, alot of things that usually would have a thread got/get posted and it sort of cancelled out the creation of threads on such topics where alot of discussion about current events, etc would happen. And i only left because i got locked out of my account, it's only over the last couple months that it's started letting me log in again.
  5. Ah the much simpler days of 2006, when i could jump staight to the forum and be logged in, and when huge banners with autoplaying videos telling me to drink Dr Pepper (which have disapeared again, which i'm pretty happy about) weren't crotch thrusting into my screen real estate, and of course no god damned complex media bar... 06 reppin'.
  6. Some really great stuff in here. Props to all, Esp. FrankReynolds, TheAlmighty... & JazzTechno
  7. All vector this time, no textures. Also it's only a second draft, so still a work in progress but i think i'm getting near the end. Just waiting on some feedback from the client.
  8. Thanks for the kind words man, means alot! I worked with vectors a bit in the past at my first graphic design job, i copped a Wacom tablet but never really got used to using it much and as it came with a mouse, ended up using it just as a mouse really. After a while i lost the pen to it and i moved away for uni and just really forgot about it, fast forward a couple years and i was trying to get into the freelance game and was having a hard time getting what i was doing on paper to the computer effectively so i figured i'd give working with a tablet another go. The tablet i got this time around was a "Bamboo Touch" by Wacom, in the small size. They do different versions that have different features, some can be used as a touch pad, some are wireless, that kind of thing. Generally though as long as it's got a pen you're good. I found it a bit strange at first, mostly looking forwards at a screen instead of looking down at where the pen is, that kind of thing. But after a while you get the hang of it. I found the best way to get myself into it was to draw on paper, then scan it in or take a flick of it and draw over it using the tablet. After about a year of messing around and getting used to it i figured i'd treat myself to a better tablet and got a "Intuos 4" by Wacom. Whilst i had no complaints using the "Bamboo", the leap in quality, at least in my eyes, is pretty massive and worth every penny. I honestly couldn't recommend either tablet enough. Both come with software that walks you through set-up and gets you started pretty easily. One thing to take note of is that prices can jump up if you start looking at bigger tablets, but unless you really need a big drawing space, don't bother spending the extra moolah. I've found the small sized tablets to be plenty in terms of drawing space. Plus it's easy to forget that the tablets themselves are bigger than just the drawing area, so when you jump up a size or two, they can take up more desk space than you may think. There's alot of tutorials that are easy to follow that can help get you up and running, i've found youtube to be pretty handy for that kind of thing, aswell as websites such as http://vector.tutsplus.com/ and http://abduzeedo.com/ amongst others. Hope this helps! If there's anything else feel free to ask dude, and thanks again for the props on the work front, much appreciated.
  9. The "Backyard Boogaloo" guys are putting on an album launch party for Fliptrix, the head of UK hip-hop label High Focus Records, and seeing as i've done them a couple posters in the past they came to me to put something together for it. As usual, the Winchester, High Focus, Eats N Beatz and Boogaloo logo's aren't mine. Just layout and illustration and whatever whatever.
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