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BITER thread!

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Cuz this was made by someone else, and I chuckled when I found it.




Hey let's argue about your opinion. herb.



















because some people need spoon feeding.


what? i'll go ahead and say those are similar. kind of.

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ya those are obvious tributes not bites..not sure why you keep putting them in the wrong thread..


probably cos they're gay, kitsch, ironic, dumb... or maybe i don't get the joke.


the Sento one is particularly distasteful as it is not out of the question that he could find that train and diss it himself, if he felt like it. a 'tribute' to an active writer? what the fuck...

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Yeh them asians are biting everything. Then they think no-one knows that they bit it. China and Taiwan are pretty bad.

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I'm given a link to a site from China where myself and Lase got straight ripped off. They raped the original art images and plastered them on buildings. At first I thought this was a slick Photoshop job, but then I noticed the same buildings from different angles and paint job going under wires and into shaded areas and surface textures in the walls that would be close to impossible to replicate. In the long run it's probably impossible and useless to go after anyone and to be quite honest I found it flattering. Spoke with Lase and showed him the site and he was also blown away. We both agreed, "Shit if your not gonna pay us, at least use the art as is, don't bother mutilating it."


ewok's blog

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