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  1. oh most def. just got told to stay outta yards in Nebraska too. haha nigs gunna nig. I like the hope poster up there a lot of people forgot about that shit.
  2. @godsson, word life. @everybody else. Youre all fools. Does anyone realize how fucked our scene us getting and yet we're all still squabbling? Kids are trying to peace shit up while others keep talkin and lining shit. Lets stop dry snitchin, snitchin on ourselves, and coming back from Oregon and immediately hatin. Just sayin. I got shit i can drop on almost everyone here, im real good at finding people and information(seriously, you guys should see my charts and venn diagrams.), so how about everyone go back to posting flicks?nice one of that malvo highlife, thats been running for a while now.
  3. Hop in your Ferrari and come on back then dude.
  4. Yea those two little punks need a serious talking to.
  5. yea and epon isn't god awful anymore. I don't know if you guys knew, but Ezor actually does tats. he did a fairly amusing one a while back, i'll see if I can find the pic. the homie sent me. all flicks stolen, and yes, its all of shit that nobody gives a fuck about. roet , gane , norse , smok by MCdodrugs, on Flickr hyper by MCdodrugs, on Flickr gane by MCdodrugs, on Flickr Roet Gane by FuckEveryBody ...bitch !!!!, on Flickr roet by MCdodrugs, on Flickr aez by paintdanet388, on Flickr Goze by monolaps, on Flickr Goze by monolaps, on Flickr ahhhhhhh fuck I don't even feel like posting more. You people suck. I'm gunna go get drunk.
  6. C.H.U.D. is one of the greatest movies of all time. so is 'the omega man'. I'll agree that the zombie craze has gotten a little out of hand, but there are some gems in there.
  7. "sexual anus plug"...are there other kinds of non-sexual anus plugs?
  8. oh UTAH? HE does get a lot of ups. lmao
  9. http://www.zzstream.com/2012/03/walking-dead-season-2-episode-11-judge.html shazzam. They usually have the episode a few hours to a day after it airs
  10. i'm about halfway through book 3, and the starks get fucked over everytime they turn around in this shit and if that wasn't bad enough my homie just told me about the 'red wedding'. and yea doesn't tyrion have two diff. colored eyes? Davos seems like a cool cat and Dany is taking her motherfucking time.
  11. its funny because half of y'all probably on the (]----['l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l>--- elbo Kwote , Take7 gane , loser Tshirt by MCdodrugs, on Flickr NORSE Tshirt, Roet, Gane, Prod by crimes crimes crimes, on Flickr ethek tri Roet by 36th Chamber, on Flickr but i'm doin just fine. Some stolen you wanna fight about it then meet me at 3oclock at the flagpole.
  12. I feel whats really important here is the displaced refugees from Darfur. And haircuts in the 1970s.
  13. Nothing new , and most of those charities are a scam and all that fun stuff.
  14. Re: kony 2012 are we seriously going to act like this is something new? Shit like this has been going on in africa for fuckin' ages. It's all just smokescreen, they bring up shit like this to distract people. It is a serious issue, but honestly, our interference will do nothing. Everyone in africa is a fuckin' freedom fighter, and they're all fighting each other. Africa is nothing but lions, tyrants and displaced refugees. And nigerian princes. But thats a different story.
  15. piff watching these online, no commercials or anything makes it a bit easier to deal with the filler crap lol
  16. you can't wash it off with water once dry, but still, crappy paint is crappy, and marketed to williamsburg hipster art student trust fund kids.
  17. idk, I saw them talking about casting for the governor for next season so that looks good. and yea how about that TOTALLY NOT DEAD chick and her baby that TOTALLY SURVIVE for the whole series. Also, I'd like to see more of ol' one eye carl. Anyone know when him shane and rick are going to go hiking through the woods?
  18. yea. I think I'll stick to dollar 5 ball krylons, racked rusto, and other fresh paints. And that water based shit was endorsed by kasso but that doesn't mean its for 'us' lol and anyone who lets a cage get in their way needs to get up on their steez. Also, Bump that stie, any chance you got a flick of the rest of those walls?
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