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BITER thread!

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You guys are fucking retarded.. Read that shit a little better... That little logo on the lower right hand side... it says: "the exchange". and it says Sever right next to it... That means that Sever drew it. The exchange is this thing where writers would draw each others names and then paint it... Do you really think Bates would ever have to stoop to such a low level as to bite and not only bite, but then give credit to the nigga he bit???? retarded...

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yes sever did the bates outline for the exchange ant the first guy bit it , stileking good idea for a thred but the mayor is right too these people are dumb!!!!!

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bited from sever outline


"BIT" or "BITTEN".....from sever outline you moron



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....and the award for biter of the year goes to... (drum roll, please)






first off i want to say i am not a fan or a hater of anyone! but i am a fan of the line "ORIGINALITY OVERCOMES ENVY!" -GURU


second off someone informed me of a fraud, so i did some research and this is what i found..........


i dont know about anyone else but in that first picture the shape of that characters head is mighty familiar?????????







and in the second picture the way that charater sticks his tounge out is mighty familiar????????????










i know you are all asking yourselves "DID HE REALLY GET HIS TAG AND IDEAS FROM A CHILDRENS COMIC BOOK"???????


WELL, i come to my own conclusion and now its time to make yours!!!


if you ask me i think we all know who the true FAN is now!!!! ;)

:yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:




FEAR THE TRUTH.............




I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Bone is a comic made especially by Cartoon Books. Created my Jeff Smith, Bone is a different side to comics, a better and non-violent way. If you have any comments, concerns, or would just like to express your feelings about Bone, you can reach me at: NikiWorld@bitsmart.com Click on the groupings that you would like to view."


Fone Bone Gallery

Smiley Bone Gallery

Phoney Bone Gallery

Complete Comic Gallery

BONE® is ©1996 Jeff Smith. All rights reserved.



:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: biter.jpg









philly heads gettin the facts straight and keeping it real

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