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Everything posted by GLEN BENTON

  1. It's ok, my lord and master has shown me the way to righteousness. Back to spacedicks I GO! Damn! Good song! VVV
  2. I'd rather let this place die than turn into 4chan.
  3. So, because one irresponsible dildo looks at an obviously nsfw thread, at work, and cries about it, now those of us with senses of humor get punished? Fuck OP, stop looking at bullshit at work, this isn't the posters issue, it's the viewers issue, don't look at bullshit if you know you shouldn't.. That's like buying a rap cd, then blaring it at work, then complaining to the record company that there's swear words in it. Start a "no ladies allowed/assholes of the Internet/horrible things thread" I would be on that shit ALL DAY, me and lambmeet laughing at bisected penis' and people ran over by semi-trucks.
  4. Boooo... I was feelin' that bitchin' turkey clit.
  5. ^^^ you obviously do not know very many writers here, because frankly I cannot name off a single person here with a fancy haircut. But please, tell us "fags" what other great facts you know about us. This thread loves being extremely manic... Great flicks of some of the best graffiti in the world, and the hardest bitching and shit lipping 12oz has ever seen. Feel free to shut the fuck up now everyone, lets see some snowy flicks.
  7. Irate: "god damn it, get a moderator to delete that shit or at least edit it so i have zero affiliation with it"
  8. Back in 88, you post good flicks. Props
  9. that TCI shit goes hard. that other shit way up there looks like a pretty serious gbak bite...
  10. caught this hella old kosek floating in the SF thread... that marm/mozik is killer.
  11. it's hot orange player... and don't sweat, i can take a joke. you know why? because i'm about me and mines. that's the difference between the people who bitch on here, and the people they're bitching about... the busters are only about other people, not themselves... and the people those suckers be crying about, are about themselves. when 12oz gets re-vamped, lets hope they throw us a moderator who's HEAVY on the ban hammer... i feel like quite a few of the people who suck very bad wouldn't have anything to do with graffiti if 12oz was gone.
  12. this thread smells like shame and jealousy... let me clear the air.
  13. This man speaks truth. New booties need to zip them lips.
  14. KEMS CAN DO NO WRONG. End of conversation.
  15. this is dope as fuck, that kosher! also, the new purge and agent spots i've been seeing lately, god damn are they clean.
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