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  1. i personally am that person who has no qualms about shitting anywhere..public restrooms an all..including busses trains and planes..yea im that nigga... My personal beef with bathrooms is that they allow sound to travel very well..nigga cant take a shit without hearing it that much louder...and so other nggas can hear it 2...FUCKing tiles....whose the genious who made this commonplace?
  2. damn id kill for a peice done by dondi..
  3. my prediction: graffitis going to evolve into this crazy cat and mouse game..where a writers writing random words each time instead of sticking to one..but then the vandalsquad will have the crayz algorithms to id niggas based on the stylistics of it.. but then in retaliationa ll the writers in teh world will start writing the same one word in teh same style....
  4. i wonder if we could use the same program to make it play against itself..
  5. this Mother bitch is starting to piss me off...with teh whole "I Correctly predicted you would throw _______"
  6. anyone witha 5+ difference in win to lose gets props in veteran mode of course
  7. u gotta reeverse reverse ur psych....or just randomly pic shit..not that anythings randdom
  8. im tieing this bitch nigga..fuck ur computterrrrrrr
  9. stolen from the nyc thread
  10. PC love it : cuz its cheap as fuc..can buy a new one when the old one breaks or gets outdate. windows seems more userfreindly to me than macs hate it: easily breakable. hate when it gets outdated so easily.. if it were for a prize id get a mac early twenties.
  11. will have mines up later tonight
  12. donate 100,000 to charity for karma's sake, use the rest of the money to buy a building trhu which i can live and obtain rent from for the rest o fmy life.
  13. nickfury

    Food Stamps

    i dunno if my rents didnt know about food stamps but i remember as a kid paying for shit in stacks of pennies that my mom would give me...and always getting so much shit from store owners..making em umad...my parents were never home working their asses off too..and i had to take care of a my lil sis...being a lil kid my self.. its funny how u dont realize what kinda shitty situation u were in as a kid..../tangentoner...
  14. nickfury


    In an attempt to find some inner peace and control my anger issues, and since i cannot afford to live atop tibetian mountains with buddhist monks, I'm trying to teach myself to meditate. Does this shit work for any of y'all? I also i see that there are several types....anyone have any helpful suggestions/personal preferences/daily rituals. I realize this type of hippy shit is not for everyone, heres the obligatory
  15. i like the colors used. the hands..and the 3d..but seems like the letter structures kinnda wierd with the random thicknesses..
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