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  1. ugene


    had ten months last years sobriety date was 9/22 went back out for about two months, new sobriety date is 9/16/14.. currently waiting on my ride to go visit one of my best friends who overdosed two nights ago and is in icu most likely brain dead. his mom texted me at 430 this morning saying today would be a good day to say goodbye to him. its never too late to make a change in your life, trying to stay as present as i can, i have been pretty numb the past two days about my friend nik, and this morning on my bike ride to work just started crying listening to all the music that he had put on my phone. stay up yall
  2. ugene


    lil over 9 months right now, good to see writers dont all have to get fucked up. feels good to break the stereo type. keep up the hardwork yall.
  3. ugene


    spirituality and religion are two completely different things. just because it says GOD in the twelve steps doesnt mean it cant be a god of your understanding. hope you choose whats best for you, im t ired of getting dopesick and shitting my pants. lil over 8 months clean and serene. keep your heads up players theres light at the end of the tunnel
  4. their mouths are wide open too
  5. ugene


    you havent drank YET. if i dont go to meetings/call sponsor/work steps/pray/ or help others not necessarily in that order, i am just a dry drunk white knuckling my way through the day. im not going to tell you how to live your life cardboard, but doing all those things helps me stay sober a day at a time. im a type 1 diabetic and relate my clean time/sobriety just like my dis EASE of addiction, i wake up in the morning check my bloodsugar count carbs and take my insulin, this prevents me from feeling shitty and ruining my body. same thing with my recovery if i follow some simple rules i can live a happy joyous life. not saying you wont stay sober but in order for my dope fiend ass i have to go to meetings and take suggestions from my sponsor to stay clean/sober. props bruno! sounds like the promises are coming true for you dawg, i used to hate kicking it with my parents, but its always cool getting a call or calling them and asking them how theyre doing rather than the other side of the coin. GOOD SHIT EVERYONE!!!
  6. ugene


    your liver is fucked.. sounds like it is. prolly swollen. glad to see people actually take this thread seriously, to the guy who was sharing about losing people within 24 hrs, i have lost 3 "friends" in the past month its pretty crazy to think that i am still here with all the dope and alcohol that i put in my system, truly blessed to be here typing this message to complete strangers. got 5 months clean and sober today :)
  7. ugene


    its the roxys bro, i could get up on opiates n shit but everytime i did h or roxies anything in that drug class i could never nut.. i recall you posting saying you were on roxies i hope i read that write. good ole case of "whiskey dick" sounds like you are pretty powerless my man
  8. ugene


    pain management is a whole nother story, opiates were big in my life as well, but its the rationalization/justification is what fucked you up. i was in a car wreck and got my hurt from that but had to turn it down no matter how bad it hurt. some people say if you can take the meds they give you as prescribed then its not a relapse or have someone administer you the meds, but whats gonna stop you from slamming one roxy every 4-6 hours is that rly as prescribed. stay away from that shittttttt
  9. :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  10. ugene


    4 months 2 days ago, making an amends with my dad today. the promises are coming true my dudes.
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