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Who has visited Spain recently here?


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well the city to be in for graffiti is barcelona... as far as where to stay... youth hostiles are the only way, and they can be unreliable at times... you might want to do some research on prices, but they usually run anywhere from 25 to 100 a night.... winter isnt spain's tourist season so you will probably find alot of vacancy....


barcelona is the most beautiful city in the world, theres legal walls everywhere, and its not hard to find writers there either......


if and when you go, go to Sants Estacion (which is one of the major train stations), outside by the mcdonalds around 8 pm youll see breakdancers practicing, talk to them about where you can find graffiti writers, and theyll help you out... they also know where you can buy some good morrocan hashesh!!


i know the city well so if you have questions email me


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My mom and brother went in March. They got into Madrid, checked into their hotel, went to sleep, and woke up to find out that a series of bombs had exploded on the subways in the city. They flew home early from that trip.


It's cool though, I have nothing but love for all you spaniards out there.

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Guest imported_Europe

Yeah, go to Barcelona, great city, youll have no problem findind cheap hostels. They are all over.

A little 12oz searching on Barcelona and Sapin will also give you good info, there has been a few info-threads in the past.

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ive been all over spain. The cost of living is cheaper when you go to the south. In Valencia i stayed at an hotel for 10 euros the night. In Sevilla i dont remember the price but it was cheaper than barcelona.

In barcelona it was 18 euros for a youth hostel ( 2 years ago)


I recoomend you to stay in the hostales ( not youth hostels, but small hotels or rooms in apparts that owners rent to tourists) when you can do it.


Anyway, just check your lonely planet or whatever guide. Its all written in there.

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Barcelona is a fucking banging place. I went there in january with aload of writers for my 18th.


Think it cost me 20 euros a night for a hostel. That was in the ramblas or w.e its called. The hof we painted a few times was like 20 mins walk. If you go to the montana shop and ask for directions they will give you them.


Im hoping to go again just need a new passport :(


got some mad stories from that trip!

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go to Barcelona. Once there go to Las Ramblas. you can bomb freely at night, plus its only a ten minute walk to the beach. Don't sleep the middle eastern dudes that walk around selling six packs all night. Score hash on the beach too. There is a legal wall near the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Couple blocks from las ramblas. i went to school in this building. I came across at least 30 different guys piecing in the daytime from all over the place. Here's how to find the place. http://www.cccb.org/en/

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barcelona is clean now

go to madrid to see graffiti in the streets


as for cheap acomodations look for pensions and hosteles( not the youtth hostels)


the south of spain is cheaper than the north


it can be verry cold at night in a hotel or pension because they dont heat there , bring warm clothes.

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