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  1. that's what i'm talking about... who's this chick i wanna paint with her!
  2. that prae and adge is prime shit.
  3. well the city to be in for graffiti is barcelona... as far as where to stay... youth hostiles are the only way, and they can be unreliable at times... you might want to do some research on prices, but they usually run anywhere from 25 to 100 a night.... winter isnt spain's tourist season so you will probably find alot of vacancy.... barcelona is the most beautiful city in the world, theres legal walls everywhere, and its not hard to find writers there either...... if and when you go, go to Sants Estacion (which is one of the major train stations), outside by the mcdonalds around 8 pm youll see breakdancers practicing, talk to them about where you can find graffiti writers, and theyll help you out... they also know where you can buy some good morrocan hashesh!! i know the city well so if you have questions email me fontcubertatest@yahoo.com
  4. SiempreUno


    you guys are making him look worse than he already looks... you look like a bunch of angry 12 year olds with caps lock on defending your boy... people are going to have their oppinions and youll just have to live with it... and dont run around calling people toys, because you dont know if theyre a toy or not, it could be anyone, and yet you assume theyre a toy because they have a different oppinion than you...
  5. SiempreUno


    looks like he's trying to mask his lack of letter structure by being "abstract" and "modern".... other people with similar styles like ectoe or even vegas... they have dope letters and original concepts... theyre worth their own thread... this guy is not.
  6. xide and enue.... marge with the generic 40. bout it bout it.
  7. damn nigga!! this post is rediculously tight
  8. this is a really tight picture.
  9. wow that was an amazing post... tight monikers.
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