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candle lit dinner

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BobbieBoxcar: you're back quick

boxcarboogie: im burning cloudead and just ate some grass

BobbieBoxcar: ate grass? dude you're supposed to smoke it maaaan

boxcarboogie: time for a shower to go show my face in the post tropical storm weather

boxcarboogie: oh

boxcarboogie: my bad

boxcarboogie: bad out

BobbieBoxcar: still raining?

boxcarboogie: stopped raining finally

BobbieBoxcar: oh

boxcarboogie: but the wind is still about 30+

BobbieBoxcar: damn. trick daddy

boxcarboogie: damn 40

boxcarboogie: what kinda brew is that dude

BobbieBoxcar: thats the KOS 40 duh

boxcarboogie: ohhh

boxcarboogie: you guys are so cute

BobbieBoxcar: home made malt liquor

boxcarboogie: haha

BobbieBoxcar: yeah

boxcarboogie: you been bootlegging in the old dominion?

BobbieBoxcar: yeah im moonshining

boxcarboogie: ive been autograph signing

BobbieBoxcar: on what?

boxcarboogie: mainly on toiletpaper

BobbieBoxcar: nice

boxcarboogie: will you sign my book

BobbieBoxcar: are you doing (deleted) tags on them?

boxcarboogie: pleace

boxcarboogie: pease

boxcarboogie: as;lkgj;woig

boxcarboogie: yeah i am

boxcarboogie: how do you know

BobbieBoxcar: because im really really telepathic

boxcarboogie: when'd you pick that up

BobbieBoxcar: in new york over the summer when i ate grass

boxcarboogie: i cant find my luggage....can i borrow (deleted)

boxcarboogie: you should use that pickupline

boxcarboogie: but you have to spell out (deleted) because its cool

boxcarboogie: and they wont know

boxcarboogie: ju know?

boxcarboogie: wanna hear a joke?

BobbieBoxcar: yeah (deleted)!

BobbieBoxcar: sure do!

boxcarboogie: too much enthusiasm

boxcarboogie: im not telling

BobbieBoxcar: i guess so, (deleted)

boxcarboogie: ahhh its your lucky day i am

BobbieBoxcar: go ahead i guess

boxcarboogie: guy walks up to a girl and says "hey baby, i got something youve never had before"

boxcarboogie: so she turns to the bartender and says "hey this guys got lepracy"

boxcarboogie: wakka wakka wakka

BobbieBoxcar: hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

BobbieBoxcar: hahahahahahha

BobbieBoxcar: hahaha

BobbieBoxcar: ok

boxcarboogie: oh youre too kind

boxcarboogie: thank you thank you

BobbieBoxcar: drum roll

boxcarboogie: i think i read that in rossie odonnel magazine

boxcarboogie: but really...do think im gonna win the superbowl this year?

BobbieBoxcar: man go outside (deleted)

BobbieBoxcar: cripes

BobbieBoxcar: you're losing it

BobbieBoxcar: now that you got your computer back i think you've gone back into the internet zone

BobbieBoxcar: whic is a lot like the twilight zone

BobbieBoxcar: except its on the superhighway

BobbieBoxcar: the information superhighway

boxcarboogie: yessss

boxcarboogie: youre right

boxcarboogie: who do you like (deleted)...got a crush on anyone?

boxcarboogie: lets shoot the shit

boxcarboogie: man

BobbieBoxcar: haha

boxcarboogie: im gonna post this whole conversation on the "net" somewhere

boxcarboogie: thats cool right

BobbieBoxcar: i like bananas

BobbieBoxcar: hey you're a lot like jimmy breeze

boxcarboogie: isnt that a rapper?

boxcarboogie: you ever listen to lead belly?

BobbieBoxcar: nelly?

boxcarboogie: no

boxcarboogie: he's rawkz but lead belly is fucking badical

boxcarboogie: he

BobbieBoxcar: no i dont like hiphop

boxcarboogie: its not hip hop

BobbieBoxcar: no i wont buy your sampler

boxcarboogie: ha

boxcarboogie: dorkface

BobbieBoxcar: no i dont want to freestyle

boxcarboogie: you love hip hop

boxcarboogie: you will enternally listen to krs

boxcarboogie: cause youre wack!

boxcarboogie: HAHA!

boxcarboogie: wakwakwkaafnaslkjgw

BobbieBoxcar: haha

BobbieBoxcar: you asshole

boxcarboogie: im just joking

boxcarboogie: dude

BobbieBoxcar: no shut up

BobbieBoxcar: im tired of the jokes

boxcarboogie: remember when you were 17?

BobbieBoxcar: when are you going to grow up and get in my belly

boxcarboogie: (deleted) told some dude to grow up and suck it

boxcarboogie: thats harsh

BobbieBoxcar: harsh fs

boxcarboogie: yeahhhhh

boxcarboogie: heahhahh


BobbieBoxcar: yeeeeesh

BobbieBoxcar: thats like syaing

boxcarboogie: syaing?

BobbieBoxcar: i dont wand to spread rumors but here's a rumor that im going to spread

boxcarboogie: its like that?

boxcarboogie: of corse

BobbieBoxcar: syannn syaaaaaaaaaa

BobbieBoxcar: sinara!

boxcarboogie: sinatra!

boxcarboogie: SLAYERRRRRRRR

BobbieBoxcar: scarla!

boxcarboogie: did you read that article about those dudes resh and whoever else thatgot caught in miami?

BobbieBoxcar: scarlet letter

BobbieBoxcar: yeha

BobbieBoxcar: yeehaw

BobbieBoxcar: yeah

boxcarboogie: (deleted)

boxcarboogie: and looking for your number for dinner and dancing

BobbieBoxcar: aww he's so cute

boxcarboogie: ya feelin me dawg

boxcarboogie: "not yet"

BobbieBoxcar: dude is he going to bust heads with a spiked baseball bat??

boxcarboogie: DUDE!!!!

boxcarboogie: WHERES MY CAR!

BobbieBoxcar: you beat me to it

boxcarboogie: muahahha

BobbieBoxcar: we're on the same wavelength (deleted)

BobbieBoxcar: we ought to collaborate on a fr8

boxcarboogie: haha

boxcarboogie: you should start embracing your southern heritage

boxcarboogie: even though youre not from the south

boxcarboogie: man you need to do alot of shit to pleace me (insert name here)

boxcarboogie: please

boxcarboogie: pleaaaaasseeee

BobbieBoxcar: haha

boxcarboogie: i heard scarlos is in TM now dude

BobbieBoxcar: yeah

boxcarboogie: rock n roll

boxcarboogie: RNR

boxcarboogie: crew

boxcarboogie: 2001

BobbieBoxcar: how long have you been online today?

boxcarboogie: so what

boxcarboogie: few hours

BobbieBoxcar: hey

boxcarboogie: yo

BobbieBoxcar: hey do i have your attention?

boxcarboogie: yeah sure

BobbieBoxcar: hello?

boxcarboogie: damnit

boxcarboogie: fargin icehole

BobbieBoxcar: what?

boxcarboogie: youve never seen johnny dangerously?

BobbieBoxcar: no

boxcarboogie: ahhh you get the gas face

boxcarboogie: i thought all good new yorkers have seen it

boxcarboogie: hey tell everyone what you write for the record

BobbieBoxcar: man ewok really started something big with that whole gas face thinbg

boxcarboogie: he single handidly started "gas face"?

BobbieBoxcar: what publication is this interview going to be mass distributed for??

boxcarboogie: blacktail

BobbieBoxcar: swell

boxcarboogie: no not swell...blacktail

boxcarboogie: ahrhharharhar

BobbieBoxcar: im not sure if he started the gas face but he sure played a major roll in the development of my shoulder size

boxcarboogie: im outta cigarettes dude...email me one

boxcarboogie: hahahah

boxcarboogie: thats funny

BobbieBoxcar: hey

BobbieBoxcar: can i interview you

boxcarboogie: "sup"

BobbieBoxcar: is it my turn?!!?

BobbieBoxcar: rii

boxcarboogie: go for it

boxcarboogie: i love breast implants

BobbieBoxcar: okay. so whats is your tag name and what crues are you down with?

boxcarboogie: but probably woundnt like touching them

BobbieBoxcar: its my turn

BobbieBoxcar: answer me

boxcarboogie: i write P.O. Box rock down with 500 years crew

boxcarboogie: dirty souf

boxcarboogie: next question please

BobbieBoxcar: approximately how long have you been in this graf game and approximately how long is your cock??

boxcarboogie: um...i get them mixed up because theyre both pretty short

boxcarboogie: id say 4 years in graff and my cock isnt out of the skin yet

BobbieBoxcar: you're not funny. so, who do you know that is famous or who has been in graffiti magazines because their friends are friends wth editors??

boxcarboogie: are you trying to say something?

boxcarboogie: ummmmm...dude i know lots of famous people...the 12oz niggas....my friend kinda knows ewok cause he said he went to the same highschool

boxcarboogie: at different times

boxcarboogie: but its still legit man

BobbieBoxcar: man

BobbieBoxcar: i'd like to stay and chew the fat

boxcarboogie: arghhh

boxcarboogie: club studdy buddy

BobbieBoxcar: but (deleted)'s about here and ive got to go

BobbieBoxcar: and get crunk

BobbieBoxcar: drornk

boxcarboogie: greg is a pussy nigga...and tell him i love him

BobbieBoxcar: ggemtfp

BobbieBoxcar: okay

boxcarboogie: ill be drornk in a little bit

boxcarboogie: got a bottle of rum askin to be loved on

BobbieBoxcar: good call

boxcarboogie: alright now give your final shouts

BobbieBoxcar: seeya pal

boxcarboogie: and this will be over

boxcarboogie: ALL OVER


boxcarboogie: take youre time...i gotta rub one out real quick anyway

BobbieBoxcar: shouts go out to Arms and Mber because Mber's a stiff one and i saw him once and i said hey but he didnt want to talk so he snuck behind a building to dodge me

BobbieBoxcar: and because Arms is cute

BobbieBoxcar: and he likes american footbal

boxcarboogie: YEAH!!!!

BobbieBoxcar: which by the way is a horrible band

BobbieBoxcar: bye

boxcarboogie: american football sucksssssssss

boxcarboogie: for the record


[This message has been edited by blahblahblah (edited 09-15-2001).]

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"ive got to rub one out real quick"

thats some funny shit....



brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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dann bobby, i go away for 1 weekend and you ham it up on aim w/ someone else?? im a little hurt bro....




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I think i saw bobbieboxcar fly by on a wheelchair sporting a red mullet wig and a can of beer.


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hhhmmm...i thought this was going to be about silly valentines day behavior...i was going to comment on the fact that it sucks that victorias secret markets to fat girls because they have some really sexy looking stuff that would probably look good on someone who was in shape...im trying to get my valentines gift on but all i can find is mediums, larges and extra larges...that would be great if i was dating moby dick...what a crock of shit

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Originally posted by ink Lunatic

I think i saw bobbieboxcar fly by on a wheelchair sporting a red mullet wig and a can of beer.



you did and that fact is confirmed. hooligans get down.


les R.O.T.T.E.N.

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Replicaoakleys: Hey...Anybody Interested in Some EXACT Fake Oakleys for $15???Im me


Replicaoakleys: Hey...Anybody Interested in Some EXACT Fake Oakleys for $15???Im me


Replicaoakleys: Hey...Anybody Interested in Some EXACT Fake Oakleys for $15???Im me


Replicaoakleys: Hey...Anybody Interested in Some EXACT Fake Oakleys for $15???Im me

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