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  1. MUNE


    all the crazy stuff is just to confuse you man!. glad your back bye the way, those links arent working for me. check up in the FAQ area too see how to post flicks. you used to know how to do it.
  2. MUNE

    dropping vices...

    im in support of you man
  3. MUNE


    DUNE didnt fall off a ladder onto EXACTO. DUNE who was 16 and small, got jumped by WOMBAT, MONK, and CAINE. not the coolest thinkg ive ever heard of happening, and last time i talked to those guys, they were kinda over it and felt bad about it. There was alot of schism back then, and its understandable on both parts. and i think everyone made quick tempered decisions back then, but its OVER. shit happened like four years ago. why bring it up now?
  4. MUNE


    We (FLOE) had beef with them i guess at one point. i dont even know where it came form. i cant say im a huge fan of the crew in a general sense but there are a few kids. HISTO is a cool cool cat and its like that...other than that, there are some new kids with drive, and hopefully they turn heads in time.
  5. so fresh. im always amped after one of your posts.
  6. good start, but those GYS tags are a KYS ripoff. bad boy!
  7. ok. first off you want to be made fun of?..ok.... you look like a retarded 12 year old fat girl with a club foot and a serious underbite. you run like you have an inner ear infection, but not because you have a club foot, its because you have an inner ear infection that you got from not washing. didnt your parents ever tell you to wash well? you dont clean out those ear you'll grow potatoes in there pal. and lets not even begin to tackle the odor that surrounds you. somewhere between fritoes and the feces of a monkey who has the gout. now with that all over with we can move on. to all the kids on here making fun of dude because hes been writing for a year and only progressed this far......FUCK YOU YOU SPOILED LITTLE FUCKERS. maybe he doesnt have much to look at where hes from or met anyone to show him anything. which is perfectly fine. id rather kids progressed at a slow rate. you all might not have that cocky fucking ego you have now. ive seen some of the shit some of you kids post...dont talk shit. dude might not be much of a piecer. its possible he wont be good at piecing. could be a throw up guy. or a simples guy. let up.. but at the same time, zodiac, you need work. so hit the books. hard. to keep up with kids today you need determination. bust your ass. learn from whats posted on here, but dont just blatanly rip shit off. learn WHY something is fresh instead of just realising its fresh. im tired and i hate everyone.
  8. absolute humor. the funny thing is this, JET, from the photos that you have posted over the time youve been here on the boards, you are apparently a fan of whatajerk. youve posted his shit before. multiple times i think. this shit is just like def comedy jam without the white people jokes. MUNE FLOE BSB FH TRANSCEND
  9. are we painting this weekend man?.. OOOOOPS sorry. i thought you were AGRES KFS. nevermind. mune. BSBOSTON
  10. seeking, you should go as the kid with dreadlocks from young black teenagers, or possibly "whitey kravitz" :D
  11. A small sample of my favorite silent movie actresses. if only women like this still existed... http://silent-movies.com/Ladies/Carol/Carol13.jpg'> http://silent-movies.com/Ladies/Carol/Carol07.jpg'> Sue Carol http://silentladies.com/WhiteA/White18.jpg'> http://silentladies.com/WhiteA/White21.jpg'> http://silentladies.com/WhiteA/White54.jpg'> Alice White http://silentladies.com/Brooks/Brooks105.jpg'> http://silentladies.com/Brooks/Brooks77.jpg'> Louise Brooks.
  12. you cant make an insomniac post and then go to bed......im the fuck up in this piece. 4 am on the left side.
  13. MUNE

    krink ink

    THE law has mad back. THE KING OF HELL has pledged all of HELLS army to aid in justice. plus all the crew. we all have some super power. beardos underarm bombs, seekings got the dreadlock shok, i got really coarse chin hair that can abraise you, HYENA has cat hair all over his black hoodie. it'll make you sneeze.....bring it fools!
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