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  1. actully i'm QARZ and not quasar, not talking shit just clearing things up..
  2. http://img2.ranchoweb.com/images/qarzoner/fuckbuddy.jpg'>
  3. hey jeksta......... ill paint with you meet me at the food court applebees we will tagg hit me up with up with many a object.... lets just hope there aint no secuirity mall cops chillen around so we get bizzusted... lets get bombing.. and can controlling.. lost boyz we out
  4. yo Dorc i met you a few times down in the bucket, i think i allready told you your shit is dope but in case you don't rember.... DOPE
  5. has anyone gotten caught by there parents when they were young.. or something.... i got caught a couple weeks ... and i lost trrust in my parents. but now i recovered and im drinking beer.
  6. i can't believe there are no pictures....shame on you
  7. ohhhhhh...thats not topless i can't see anything at all...thanks for ruining my night
  8. damn last time i used aol it was before 3.0 and it sucked alot than but my friend has it and it has gotten worse throughout time...
  9. isn't that a chain of toystores
  10. Has anyone else forgotten about this part of the message board? I went there for the first time in about 6 months and realized that i have totaly forgotten about it.
  11. none of these flix work for me at all
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