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anyone ever been shot or shot at?

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i got shot at in front of tower records when i was like 15, a few months ago a car full of niggers shot up a house party i was at and before that some mexicans shot up another house party and jumped everyone.

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.






i've had a 45 aimed at my temple and had to wipe off a throwee with my beanie off a usf trailer


my old apartments when i was 9-12 had drive by's like every other night


been shot at by a few cops

been shot at at a d.o.g.z , asylum house party (are rebel crews only a southern california thing?)


shot at on the freeway to apple valley by a van full of skinheads


i shot my friend in the ass with a desert eagle airsoft gun pointblank funny shit


never been shot though...but i have been stabbed three times,beat with a baseball bat, whooped by my mamma.......alot, shanked with a broken bong, i punched this guy in the neck once and his face turned all purple and he passed out.



i love violence!!

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Ive had a M-16 pulled on me by SWAT guys and Ive got a laser from a rifle pointed at head by some girls dad. But Ive never been actually shot at.

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yeah once some guy tore out my eyes with a spoon then fed them to me then made me throw them back up then he put them back then he pulled out my tongue then he chopped it off then he drank the blood then he died then i swam to shore and ate the little bunnies because i had no other source of protein.

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

JaZe gets shot at by the crackheads every night he walks the beat.

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3 occasions were Ive been shot at


1st time- dudes pulled up beside my friends car at a stop light.

shot at the car.. my friend in the passenger side was hit twice. I was in the back and wasnt hit.


2nd time-I was at some races down in houston. Some drunk fuck pulls out a gun and just starts shooting random cars. Everyone gets in there cars and drive away. My car was shot at while I was tying to drive away... my back window broke and nothing happened to me.


3rd time- it was in the middle of the night and two kids were breaking into my dads truck. I go and tell my dad and he gets his 9mm just too scare them off...it turns out these little fuckers were packin some heat..me and my dad were shot at he started shooting back at them no one was hit. Cops never found the kids.

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Originally posted by iloveboxcars

because i had no other source of protein.



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oh ya i got the best why you shouldnt go out with young girls that look like they are over 18 ..and you are 22 story



it all started last year


so i go to the library before work every day to check my e-mail and steal kids neopet accounts . and i do this for about a month or so and i i notice this hot ass looking girl that was staring at me while i'm tearing out pages from a h.r giger book. i figure what the hell and go talk to her. she's dark half black half philipino but she looks black, and she looks like those girls you see in jay-z videos.


so i step to her with my best pimp walk, and i'm like


moogle: you got a staring problem chicken?


girl: i never seen a black guy with a mowhawk before


moogle: well get over it.


so i go outside to smoke a ciggerette in the back and she follows me. and starts asking a shitload of questions about why i dont dress like other niggas, and why do i have spikes coming out of the tip if my steel toe boots. so i tried to answer her with the best single answer for all her questions with


moogle: because i dont give a fuck what others think.


and then she stops and stares at me for the longest time,turns and walks away.


the next couple days i avoid the library but she see's me going into my job with a beanie on . i clock in and my boss comes in and he say's i have a visitor. i tell him i dont want to see her and i keep working. (i worked in the recieving dock at macy's in a mall). so i go outside for my thirty minute break a few hours later and there she is standing there looking fuckin fine.


moogle: so what you want


girl: you


moogle: :idea:...... you ever been on the roof of the mall?



i sneak her into the freight elevator and we go at it like wild armadillos on the roof. i never clocked back in from break.

so a three months pass and we are going out..thats what she say's but i call it fuck buddies..and then one day i ask her how old she was because she did alot of things that were immature


moogle: how old are you anyway?


girl: you really wanna know?


moogle: fuck ya fathead


girl: 14




then the next day she calls me and her mom takes the phone from her and starts talking about not havin sex with her little girl and something about her boyfriend being from verdugo, and i tell her mom that i just turned 16 a month ago and i go to school in the next city.


and then the bomb hits..her mom wants to meet me or else the girl is on punishment and wont be able to come out for the rest of the summer.

(mind you it just turned june). so bein a nice guy i agree .


the next day i meet with the girl and plan everything out and we go to her house around 5 pm.

as soon as i walked in i see her mom and this big ass mexican guy standing behind her ..his whole body was a giant tatooed roman numeral i shit you not.


gangster boyfriend: sit down the both of you


mom: DO IT!!


moogle: :cry2:


girl: whats going on mom?


gangster boyfriend: i found out you are really 22 you pervert


moogle: :( .......uh oh (looks up to see the door fully locked with at least 9 locks on the door)


mom: i think i know how we can settle this


girl: i swear he didnt know until yesterday how old i was .he thought i was 18


gangster boyfriend: ( walks into a room and comes out with a doublebarreled shotgun and points it at me)are you lying boy?


moogle::jpotato: i swear i didnt know.



that shit goes on for 5 hours , and her mom starts beating the shit out of her dughter and calling her a whore,slut,cunt,and alot of other no-no words. finally the boyfriend tells me to prove it..so i call my mom


moogle: hey mom i'm at this girls house and they dont beliece i'm 16


moogles mom: what the hell are you calling me at this time for?


moogle: well can you speak to her mom for me?


moogles mom: serves you right you right boy. you pay my rent for two months


moogle: ok mom i'll be home in a little bit



i dont know what was said between my mom and her mom, but my moms rent per month is $ 700.00 and i pay $ 350.00 for my apartment witha roomate. so when the girls mom gets off the phone she looks at me and tells her boyfriend to put the gun down and let me go.

then she lectures me for an hour about honesty and relationships. then she tells me to leave and never talk to her daughter again..



as i walked home i get rolled up on by three little tagbangers that want to pull a pocket check on me.

i just said fuck it and threw all my acrylic ,streaks,caps,and cans i was selling on the street from my backpack and kept walking..



p.s i still tap it from time to time



and the moral of the story is: dont put jello under your pillow or you will wake up with a goat eating your thighbones

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have you seen some of these young girls ?


i swear they get born with tits and fur on the mound..all they do is wait and get taller.

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yea i found out a couple months later from a friend of mine that the boyfriend was an o.g and the girls mom was one of his tricks.


now i check for three forms of i.d from girls


what happened to you MLTf4nt0m ?

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aww, its fukin long but in one of these" need help with girls" threads that are always coming up i explained it. you can look that shit up. if not ill sum it up right quick. started talking. clamed false age status. fucked.fucked and fucked. mommy finds out and flips. xept the girl didnt tell her that i she lied. not supposed to talk to her anymore so i dont. bsides i cant stand liers.ya hear?kupo

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