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  1. 2 flicks in a row actually mean what they say!! ^^^
  2. i started to like this post and the breaks, but then that gay ass baseline brought me down, fuck this music your gay.
  3. I would have grabbed as many boxes as i could carry on 1 trip. A few boxes of beer is not going to hurt one spot, trust me. p.s i am drinking bud light right now! my faviorite cheap beer.
  4. dam, jungle green in a store, not only would i take everything off the shelve, id be in the stock room looking for more.
  5. dont make me do a 20 letter spell out on my king size bed with hun's!
  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$


  7. why do people try and knock fools in mags? who gives a shit it's just a fucking graffiti magazine! if i could choose any mag do be in it would be me fucking some slut in hustler.
  8. i heard someone did a big loser over a tbk on some billboard in sactown, i think i seen it driving through last month but it was just a huge tbk all across it?
  9. ugly mother bitch..i got your death dealer right here.
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$


    fuckin aliens..
  11. last summer i fucked this hoodrat and made her do a gram of coke with me. she was 14.
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