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Poop Man Bob

Bobby "Badfingers" ™ - possibly the awesomest man alive.

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Enter the world that is ... Bobby "Badfingers" ™





"Whoever started calling easy things 'a snap', obviously had never heard of Santa Clara's Bobby Badfingers, one snap-happy dude. Bob can take a simple act of finger friction and turn it into a rhythmic serenade."

"Name a song and he can snap it. Snapper Bobby, using his non patented, two-handed-in-front-of-his-face method, punctuates every drum roll and bass note on fingers that clack faster than an entire typing pool."

- San Jose Mercury News




http://www.badfingers.com/bobregb.gif'> http://www.badfingers.com/bobjenb2.gif'>

http://www.badfingers.com/bobdaveb2.gif'> http://www.badfingers.com/bobsabb2.gif'>


"Very Hot!" - Regis Philbin

"Unbelievable!" - David Letterman

"Very Sexy!" - Kathie Lee Gifford

"…pants tighter than Tom Jones." - Jenny Jones




Highlights Video of Bobby on TV

Bobby on Live with Kathy & Regis



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Badfingers' act is so filled with energy and wild gyrations, that a stationary microphone proved to be too restrictive, so with the help of his technical staff, he developed a unique "digital" (as in digits) wireless microphone system, which connects directly to his fingers.



Actual un-retouched photo of BOB'S BAD FINGERS with FINGER MICS ATTACHED.




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Originally posted by IntangibleFame

PMB someday Ill meet up with you...and I see nothing but belligerent good times.


Get on slsk and pm me, bromain.

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Guest BROWNer

hot bumpsz.

this thread is fucking genious.

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Guest BROWNer


that guy, bob, has some fucking hair. my god, it's perfection.

i bet he makes girls wet with that dome.

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