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  1. Unless i'm an idiot (prob. am) you would have a chain breaker cause ur on a bike.... If that is the case i highly suggest you the money in ur wallet into a camelback or somethin cause riding with full pockects is like parachutin without the chute.
  2. I just got done reaading this book about a man who moved to the woods in Alaska to raise his soon to be born child away from the "evils" of society. He builds a homestead about 40 miles south of Denali and moves in with his wife and son. Throughout the book the wife slowly drifts away and moves back to the nearest town (pop. 200). Life for the kid consists of living in harmony with the woods and visiting mom every three or for weeks. He becomes real in tune with his surrondings and very knowledgable about the life he know. What i'm wondering is it gonna be possible for him to adapt to society when he is ready to leave the boreal forest? Whqat do you think?
  3. and thats all the info you need. Keep it shady.
  4. I don't know about all the others but I am in one. You can be in it too.
  5. One of the most nerve racking things ive experienced was while hitchiking. We had just backpacked up washintons wilderness coatline and we need a ride to the trailhead our car was at. There we not many people up there and a taiwanesse couple picked us up on their honeymoon. Fucker was going 60 around blind corners on wrong side of the road but my dad being the stubborn bastard he is decided we didnt want to offend them and we took the ride, we stayed in the car for 45 minutes, luckly there as no1 else on that road. They barely even spoke english but his wife was pretty hot so it wasnt all bad.
  6. Spade

    new bible

    I hope so too. Last year I had my first nice bike stolen. I was so pissed, Without a job I had been ptting ALL my money into that bike, and I worked on it everyday for about a year. I fucking loved that thing. Then some stupid ass bitch decided he deserved it more then me and stole it, along with a year of my life in a senes. Fuck you bitch ass thiefs. I hope you sleep well.
  7. Spade

    Myths exposed

    First: "You just have to have sex with me or I'll die!!" "huh" "explaination goes here" Second, What the hell were u doing watching Oxygen, isnt that like a network for women?
  8. LaBamba? Not by a rock band, but riches brother has great pen control. To bad he bit off those looney toons, but its ok cause everyone has to learn from something. The scene with him in his room drinking was the best.
  9. Spade


    I don't know why but i was thinkin bikes are alot like society. Reliable, predictable, and mechanicle. sry bout the spelling.
  10. I almost got that but i realized i didn't have my wallet. Shit Sux.
  11. Spade


    Once you get it all set up it is great. Many websites are now accepting it as a form of payment too. .and
  12. Spade

    sage francis

    I dont look in the mirro because im a narcisis, I just like to watch my self exist, Now im in a fog and mist, And my reflection is anyomous, ponder this. Sage kills. Gotta give some thanx to the guy who told me about him first, and you know who you are. Definitly my favorite artist in the realm of music
  13. They are the guys who's throws have a striking resemblence to the throws of "COPE"
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